Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday

With our recent move back to WNY, most of our DC belongings are still packed and stored while we're working on the house.  Every Thursday I see FB and Instagram friends post their Throwback Thursday pics and I'm always a little envious of the accessibility of their old photographs when mine are all packed away!

Earlier today I got to thinking about how I could share crafty throwbacks of crafting I've done in the past!!!  Of course, I can only go as far back as the photos digitally stored here on my blog for now, but it's something, right? 

So my inaugural Crafty Throwback Thursday takes us back to the very first crochet project that I blogged about!

yikes!!!  not the best picture taking quality back in August of 2009!  You can find the full post HERE if you're interested in reading my ramblings about my start to crocheting larger projects....definitely made me smile looking back into this world where I wasn't as obsessed addicted to crocheting!  Not to mention this picture was taken before the first (of now 5) Disney trips Jonathan and I have taken together, we weren't married, or even engaged yet, we still lived in DC and have lived in 2 "homes" since this (first the apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland and now the house in Panama, NY)

What's a bit depressing is knowing that I never finished this blanket.  I eventually decided I didn't like how "beige" it was and revamped my entire pattern design (based on this previously made blanket) for my Beachy; reading on the patio/balcony blanket.  I don't think this got frogged though....I'm almost certain Mom had come to visit when I decided to ditch the project and she couldn't bear the thought of me ripping out my hard work.  So she kept it and we found a way to design a shawl for her using some pinks on each end of the beige.  Neither my Beachy blanket or the shawl of Mom's has been finished to date.  I've restarted my blanket more times that I'd care to dig up on here and link back to many times but after some quick digging it seems I only blogged about in once (or twice)... it's also packed away and someday when it comes out again, it should be interesting to see if I continue it as is or frog it again

Stay tuned for my Throwbacks through my crafting journey over the coming weeks!  Maybe someday not to far from now I'll even be able to dig up some oooooooooooold school crafty Holly pictures to share!

Also - I know I totally missed my first Warm Your Space Wednesday yesterday!  When my plan for my first week didn't pan out (due to not having enough crochet hours in the week) I was going to do a Warm Your Work Space yesterday, but the day got away from me.  I may have bit off more than I can chew for my blog over the past week or two.  I need to get things seriously organized if I'm going to continue the frequency of these posts with the content I desire and promise.  Here's hoping for a productive weekend where I can get myself back on track!!  

heh heh - oops!  guess I've gotta get through work tomorrow first!

And I don't even want to talk about how overloaded my brain is with pattern options and yarn type/color choices for my Mood Blanket!!  I need someone to make a decision for me....or pick a color out for overwhelmed/indecisive!!


  1. The shawl would be nice to give to your Mom on Mother's Day - there's plenty of time to finish it. I bet she would love it. :)

    1. Debi, she actually has it to finish crocheting herself but has far less time that I to crochet due to her work schedule!!

      Last spring when she came to visit in MD she brought this super soft, fluffy-ish baby yarn in colors that reminded us of the Cherry Blossoms we'd also seen that weekend and I kept it and started to crochet it into a blanket for her knowing she would never take the time to do it herself. I would actually LOVE to find it in everything that's packed and surprise her with it on Mother's Day!!

    2. That sounds like a great idea. :)