Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Warm Your Space Wednesday - #FAIL

Another Wednesday is upon us, and I've yet to complete a planned project for Warm Your Space Wednesday!

It's been a bit of a week (to day the least), but I got home from work yesterday evening and quickly set myself up with a glass of wine, pattern, yarn and crochet hook to work up a quick Valentine's Day project to share with you all today.

After dinner, I ended up having a long over-due, highly needed phone conversation with a former boss from DC.  Reminiscing about working together and catching up on life, and the laughter that followed was just what I needed.  An hour later we hung up and I was feeling a bit better, but it was time to feed the puppies then off to bed.

I woke this morning discouraged that I didn't take the time to finish my project to share with you, so I packed it up and brought it with me to work today.  I thought I would have time on my lunch hour to, at least, make enough progress that I could share a sneak peak.....nope.  Work has been far too busy today and I never even found a chance to even think about crocheting.

Forgive me friends so continuing to not deliver on Wednesdays.  I still hope to have a Valentine's decoration idea ready to share next Wednesday, which I hope will still give you enough time to whip one up and enjoy before/on the 14th!

I also hope that you will accept my next post all about the adoption of our furry family as a way to tide you over until my next crochet post.  Fair warning, it's a looooooooooooong one, full of MANY adorable pictures of our babies.  

It also puts one small check mark on my GOAL list for January!  (How it almost February??!?)

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