Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2014 - Goals

Starting off 2014 with a prompt BANG!  Per my last post, I bring you by goals for January:

1.  Over a month ago I posted for the first time in a very long time, and I promised a catch up post to happen over my Thanksgiving break.  When it didn't happen over the 4-day weekend, I returned to work and made a list one day over lunch breaking down how I wanted to update everyone without putting you all in a coma with a 15 page paper on my life!  I broke everything down into categories like "Prop Hats", "Baby", "Holiday", "Move & Update", "Anything Goes", and "Misc".  Now that you're intrigued what what these categories may or may not mean, I'm going to try my best to write and post these 6 update posts in January!

2.  I opened by ETSY shop about a year ago.  I've posted items that were already made twice and have yet to have success in selling these items.  What I have sold has been to local friends and family, where my Facebook page and ETSY shop have served as a giant advertising campaign.  I have kept my fingers extremely busy over the past 2 1/2 months crocheting custom orders, both for friends & family, and those who have found me on Facebook through my Crafty Holly Louise page.  As I continue to make a serious dent in my current custom order list, I'd like to post three Custom Order options in my ETSY shop by the end of January with the intentions of having the time to make and ship these orders within a 2-4 week window.

3.  I have done basically zero cooking since we moved in June.  Right before the move I was really into making special dinners, and had a strong desire to share these recipes with you.  While I likely won't be doing any more cooking that I have been (Jonathan works from home the majority of the time, while I'm in an office from 8-5 Monday-Friday), I do hope to at least get myself organized enough to share 3 of my favorite recipes here for you to enjoy with your family.

4.  More coming in my update posts on our newest family members, but long story short we now have 2 very active puppies in our home.  They do a great job of wearing each other out daily, but they also LOVE going for walks outside.  So, the goal is to take one long walk each weekend with the pups - let them run and play and spend some quality time in the woods with Jonathan.

5.  Lots to share on our house remodel since these pictures (coming in the "Misc" post).  We moved into our bedroom officially on December 12th but with the holidays, I haven't had the time to do much more to transition us into our new additional space.  I hope that by the end of this month, we will have made a big "shuffle" of everything that we have in storage in order to gain a temporary living room on our side of the house.

You can also see that I'm in the process of a major blog overhaul.  A big goal of mine in 2014 is to continue to grow my business and brand (more on that in the coming posts/months).  I'm starting with a bit of a "clean slate" with my blog in hopes that the focus will now be on the content I'm providing, not the fun backgrounds I find online.  Stay tuned....much more to come!

2014 is gonna be a GREAT year!

I couldn't RESIST sharing a photo of our adorable little babies!!!

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  1. Sounds like you've made some great goals. Wishing you all the best in 2014. Heather