Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two on Tuesday

1. I'm thankful to have working heat and warm clothes on days like today.

This was the weather outside when I woke up this morning:

Naturally, the only thing to do when you can't stay in doors on a day like this:
you wear long johns under your work pants!

2.  Excited to have tried a new pattern and have another custom order quickly "out the door" (techinally this custom order just went downstairs as my Mother-in-law ordered it for a friend!)
Here's the finished product from Sunday's SNEAK PEAK:
The pattern is from Rachel over at Maybe Matilda and can be found HERE.  I did make a few adjustments though:
  • starting chain of 100
  • Round (Row) 1 - sc in 2nd chain from hook and across (99 stitches), sl st to join loop (making sure to not twist), fasten off
  • Round 2 - started following pattern as Rachel wrote it for the V-stitch pattern
  • Round 13 (final) - ch 2 into top of dc of V-stitch of previous round.  hdc into each ch and dc of round 12, sl st to join and fasten off
I look forward to making more of these in the future, including ones that are wider and maybe even someday ones that stash bust with ends and scraps vs. starting with  me pulling out new skeins of yarn!


  1. -10 degrees?!! I thought it was cold here at 16 degrees. Stay warm. :)

    1. it's the 25 mph wind gusts that put you at "feels like -27" that's definitely the worst of it! Thankfully I don't have a job that requires me to be outside all day, and a VERY sweet husband who gets up before me to snow plow, make me coffee and warm up my car before I have to leave!!

  2. I feel your pain on that cold! I didn't have to leave the house yesterday, and I STILL had on 8 layers on top and 3 layers of pants PLUS leg warmers I've crocheted. Nutso!! (We also have a pretty drafty house.)

    Love the cowl pattern and colors! Nicely done.

    1. Mindy - somehow today feels worse!! I can't seem to warm up since I got into the office at 8! I think "FREEZING COLD" is going to have to be a new color option on my Mood Blanket :-D

      and thank you for the nice compliment! I was almost a little bummed that I had to give away the cowl for the order. I definitely am going to have to make one for me soon!!

    2. It's so true--that's why I did a temperature scarf for last year. I'm hoping to post it soon! It's over 8' long... =)

      Definitely make one for yourself. Such a fun quick project, and you have to love that V-stitch!