Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Friday

It's not so much a Happy Friday, just because of the fact that it's a Friday, but I have very happy that I spoke with Grannie this morning. Mom had her call from her room once she got to the hospital today. For those of you who didn't know, Grannie went back into the hospital this week and once again had to have her stomach pumped. We've all day to take things one day at a time as far as testing and whether or not surgery will have to be done. Obviously they do not want to have to do surgery due to her age, so if you have a minute - say a quick prayer that surgery is not needed and that this can be cured another way. I gotta say that this has been even harder this time around and not just because I'm sitting all the way down here in DC, 400 miles away from Grannie and the rest of my family but because after how AMAZING she was on Saturday and Sunday, I just can't believe we're back here again. I mean the last time this happened she had just been so sick she could barely leave here house - last Saturday she actually went to JCC for ASHF and was making plans to get out of PT early enough on Thursday to make it to Bemus to see her friends - how could anyone imagine that when she started getting sick on Sunday night and begged my mom to stay at her house and this is where we we end up once more? Definitely no one in my family. I am just happy to have spoke with her this morning. They have stopped pumping her stomach which means they took the tube out and it was much easier for her to talk. From here, we're taking it one day at a time - I do think that when she gets my card and scarf this weekend, it will cheer her up!It's funny how I can finally be at a point where I'll admit to enjoying living in DC, love the life I am creating for myself right now and like my job and then something like this happens and BAM! I hate everything about DC and all I want is to be closer to home. This becomes even more important when my parents get this thing going where they don't like to "share" bad news with me. Knowing this from pets dying in the past, when I don't hear any updates for 5-12 hours, I start to panic. Last night was so bad that aside from the full body sweat that I was experiencing, I was scared Jon was going to have to take me to a hospital here to medicate me to calm down. I was sure visiting hours were over at 9, so while watching the new Grey's, I was giving her until 9:30 to get home and call me. Then as the episode was ending, I thought maybe she's taking her shower first and then calling. I barely remember how last nights episode ended or the preview for next week because I was no longer breathing normally and kept asking Jon why it was so hot in the apartment. I had a fan on but was just dying and here sat Jon happy as a clam fresh out of the shower - what the hell was wrong with me. So at 10, I took a deep breath and dialed mom's cell # preparing myself for the answer. I left a voice mail and tried again. At this point I decided to busy myself with dishes, picking up the kitchen and preparing all necessary things like my coffee pot for the morning. By 10:17, I was back to calling mom's cell, calling the home # and leaving one of those messages on the answer machine "HELLO?? anyone there???" I finally decided to call my dad just to find out that he was on his way home from work and heard nothing from anyone either and was wondering why - this prompted me to completely lose it, especially when he said "well if I get home and she's not there, I'll go down to the hospital and see what's going on". I got off the phone crying and Jon asked if everyone was ok and my response was "I don't know" I cried for a bit while Jon kept trying to call my mom's cell phone. Jon then informs me that my moms' phone is going directly to voicemail - I try one more time to see if this is true, but it rings like usual and she actually picks up. At this point it's a little after 10:30. Remember when I said that visiting hours were over at 9? Well yea she was just finally leaving because Grannie had had well, quite an interesting evening. Her IV had fallen out around 7 and they were unable to get it back in, which meant a specialist had to be called and brought it (she has been unable to eat due to them pumping her stomach for 3 days, so the IV was pretty important!) I talked with mom for about 30 minutes about everything that had been going on and we must have said "ok talk to you in the morning" 4 different times while I tried to get her home and to bed at a reasonable hour and somehow our conversation would continue. Don't worry, Dad was informed of my contact with mom before he left for the hospital so he could have his dinner and get to bed as well.Jon was very patient in listening to all these stories again once I got off the phone. I had calmed down considerably but there was no way I was going to bed - I stayed up and watched TV until around 2 before going to bed - this also meant that I totally over slept this morning - sigh thank God it's the weekend!