Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Two on Tuesday

Things that are making me happy today:

1.  Finding a new blog that I've never read before while browsing crochet patterns online.  While searching for a football applique yesterday, I clicked on a link for an owl applique (I LOVE owls!!), and I came across Laura's blog at Love the Blue Bird.  I'm in love!  Laura's crochet work is beautiful, and after spending quite a bit of time reading her previous posts, I didn't come across a single photograph that wasn't an outstanding representation of her work.  I may need lessons!!  Thanks for the patterns and ideas you've shared as well Laura, I've definitely added a few more projects to my ever growing to-do list!

***Just had to add in two more new blogs that I came across today***
I haven't had the chance to do much more than read their "about me" and scan the most recent posts, but I've started following both on Bloglovin' and wanted to share with you all as well!
Sarah of Sarahndipities
Chi Wei of One Dog Woof

2.  I think 2014 is really gonna be my year for the blog, ETSY shop and Facebook page!  I've been having so much fun linking them together and coming up with more creative things/ways to blog.  Here's hoping the excitment lasts past January ;-)

Speaking of, I'm asking my Facebook friends to vote on which caption they like best for the photo I posted yesterday.  Hop on over now and be sure to LIKE the photo (not the post) for your favorite caption!  Please spread the news too - little Elsie is toooooo adorable to not share!

Option One:

 Option Two:

The polar vortex has made it's way to WNY.  My jeep said -18 on my way to work this morning and the wind chills were said to be around -34.  I've yet to warm up from my venture from the car to the office, and I'm convinced that it should be illegal to have to leave your house (or jammies!!) on a day like today.  I hope that all of you are safe and warm, and if you're really lucky, crocheting in front of a warm fire!

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