Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekend WIP

Hi everyone!  Just a quick update tonight.  Our internet is crazy slow for some reason, and I just don't have the patience to play around on here all night!

I finished up my RR over the weekend, but it's still sitting here with all those ends waiting to be woven in....looking at me wondering why I've moved on to other new projects instead.  Okay, seriously, I know the blanket isn't "thinking" anything.  Don't worry I haven't completely lost my mind ;-)

On Saturday I pulled out my Seaside Reading Blanket from last spring, thinking it would be my next finished blanket!

Very quickly this........:

Became this:

I'd been using a K hook and it was too loose and lopsided, etc. etc. etc.  So I took the time to neatly frog it and start over with a hook 2 sizes smaller.

As of last night, I'm now at this:
Yes.  I know, it still looks lopsided to me too......but I'm HOPING that it's just the angle of this morning's 7:30 a.m. cell phone photo!!!  

I really love this pattern.  The blankets that I've made with it in the past I loved when they were finished!  Only one problem with it:
Look at those ends to deal with!!!

There's more than just the different rounds too since I have all those balls from my frogging over the weekend.  And they're all squiggly from me frogging a year old project.  I keep telling myself that before I crochet anymore, I'm weaving in the ends of what I've done.....

I'm on day 5 of a migraine though so tonight is all about my jammies and catching up on some TV.  There's always tomorrow (or the day after) for weaving in ends!

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