Monday, January 6, 2014

Owl you need is LOVE

Over the summer I received a request from a good friend, and former colleague to make an owl hat for her very adorable baby girl!  She had seen pictures of the hat I'd previously made in purple (posted here), and thought it would be adorable on Elsie.  
Thankfully she's a patient and understanding friend, cause it took me about 4 months to get Elsie's hat in the mail!!  
 I just LOVE this pattern from Sarah over at Repeat Crafter Me!!  It's easy to follow, provides sizing for newborn through adults and looks totally different (at least to me) with each new color it's made in
I can't wait to find some "free" time to make a few in adult sizes.
I am happy to say that the finished product made it's way to Virgina before Christmas and the DC metro region is getting all this cold weather (along with basically everyone in North America!) so there are still loads of opportunities for Elsie to get lots of use out of her new hat.

Her mom sent me this picture yesterday and I just can't get over how CUTE she looks!!

Hop on over to my Facebook page today, and help me caption this photo!!

And a big thanks to her mom for letting me share these pictures with you.

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  1. Your hat looks great and super cute on the new owner. Thanks for sharing the pattern location. Happy New Year. Heather