Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Moody Monday - still catching up

First, let's just pretend that I remembered to hit "Publish" last night and that it's not already Tuesday, okay?


I'm still working to catch up on my January days for my mood blanket.  I posted to the Facebook group last week how I have caught up on remembering all my moods from earlier this month.  I do continue to add to this journal daily, but with all of the other projects that I've been working on, I just don't have enough time to get everything done I wanna/have to do (nothing new there!)

Here are my "moods" from this past week:
1/20:  EXCITED - got to see some great friends for a final Christmas get-together of the season.
1/21:  TIRED - out too late the night before enjoying the company of previously mentioned friends!
1/22:  THINKING OF GRANNIE/SAD - watched a beautiful, pink sunrise on my way to work, which always makes me feel like Grannie is looking down on me.  I also had very odd dreams the night before that involved Mom and I going through things in Grannie's house and finding these hidden "gifts" with notes addressed to us from Grannie.  I put gifts in quotes as they weren't large gifts - but things like beautiful pieces of wood that had naturally occurring designs in them, and the notes explaining to us why she'd picked them specifically for each of us.  Like my Mom's had a pattern in it that almost looked like a flower so Grannie had mentioned in the note how it was like a Brown Eyed Susan for her (my Mom's name is Susan, and she has brown eyes, so Grannie really cherished the Brown Eyed Susan's that she had planted in her gardens).
1/23:  EXCITED - Mom and I went to see Kellie Pickler in concert at our local Ice Arena
1/24:  FRUSTRATED - all of last week had an underlying theme of being a bit frustrating for me.  Both personal and work situations had me ready to crawl out of my skin in frustration and everything collided and reared it's ugly head by Friday.
1/25: SNOWY DAY - no, not exactly mood or feeling.  But don't you ever have days where the sun shining makes you smile?  Or you love looking out windows that make you feel like you're inside a snow globe all day?  Or the rain puts you in such a funk that you feel like screaming?  Well, the weather does this to me, so it's almost like the weather is a mood; it definitely can have an affect on mine!  Most of Saturday, I spent inside the house working around - mostly in our bedroom, which has 5 windows on 3 walls so it was the ideal opportunity for me to enjoy the snowing and blowing that was happening all around me!
1/26: CRAFTY/PRODUCTIVE - while I did have to spend a little bit of time yesterday getting our laundry finished for the week, we also had our first official Panama Rocks meeting of 2014 and I set myself up to be VERY productive with custom orders- like my SNEAK PEAK SUNDAY photo! 

Osa's contribution to our meeting was snuggling my foot to keep me warm :-)

By Sunday we also had enough snow that we had to send Jonathan out to snow plow before more snow came.....and while Sunday was our "warmest" day for the foreseeable forecast, I sent him out with nothing but his EYES showing!

 So really, it was a productive day for him too ;-)

He came in looking like a "Alla-ka-zanie" snow monster!  (sorry, I know only 3 people are going to get that, but I HAD to say it LOL)

So WHERE does my 2014 Mood Blanket stand at this point?
No, these aren't the hexagons for the past week based on the moods listed above - it's just all the furthest I've gotten so far...period.  I can't figure out how I messed up the pattern on a third purple hex on Saturday morning and I honestly haven't picked it up again since.

Here's to having more real-time progress to share next Monday - you know, ON time!


  1. I think you're doing well keeping track of things for your mood blanket. It'll come together very nicely when you get the time. :)

  2. I love how this is coming together... what a creative idea! That pink hex is precious :)

  3. Alla-ka-zanie !!! Priceless !!! Its never a dull moment with you two. Guess who? Lets just say I love to rock my NorthFace with a plaid button-down, and we totally planned that.

    1. you made guessing fairly easy! :-) #twinsies