Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BUSY weekend!

Aren’t 3 day weekends just the best?  Well, they’re the best when you’re not traveling and don’t have any big plans – that’s my opinion!

I spent LOTS of time crocheting over the weekend.  The time I did spend doing “housework” was primarily craft closet organization as yarn is officially taking over our apartment!  It’s not perfect and it definitely no longer all fits in my “craft closet” but it’s better than it was.  I’m going to work hard this year to use what I have first to eliminate some of my stock! 

I did have a small set back on Sunday morning when I lost a filling.  Everyone keeps asking me what I was eating when it happened.  “Nothing,” I say, “I was flossing my teeth and it just fell out.”  Once the initial shock wore off I’ve been fine.  No real pain, thankfully (other than the fact that my gum is a little sore after 48 hours).  It’s just annoying to have to spend so much energy thinking of soft foods to eat, taking smaller bites than I’m used to and working to keep all food on the left side of my mouth.  No joke I’ve spent most meals with my head tilted to the side in hopes that gravity will help me out:o)  I’m headed to the dentist today at 2 so while soft foods will still be in my diet for the next week, at least, by dinner tonight I’ll no longer have to worry about getting food stuck where it doesn’t belong!  Thinking happy thoughts for me that I don’t need another root canal!!!!  PLEASE J

Here’s a belated Christmas/Birthday gift that I started on Sunday afternoon and finished yesterday.  I LOVE the line of Red Heart Shimmer, and 2 strands together is just perfect for this project.  I’ll likely be making more for my site in different colors.

As for my Seaside RR….we all know I had some challenges on Saturday morning.  I am happy to report that I trip to Michaels on Sunday night provided me with a perfect match!  Turns out Loops & Threads in Heather is extremely close (if not completely identical) to the Bernat Berella “4” in Soft Heather!!  I bought 3 skeins to be safe (and will return that which I don’t need in the coming week)
 I’ve only made it around once since starting with the new yarn.  I only picked this up again last night and for a bit this a.m.  The teal stitch marker is where I changed from Bernat to Loops & Threads.  I really can’t tell the different.  Can you?  Maybe I’m slightly color blind and missing it….  PLEASE let me know, I have a pattern adjustment in my head that I could do if need be!

I also started and completed 2 small projects for my shop (well, one still needs the ends woven in and to be blocked, but who’s counting!)  I supposed you’ll all see those pictures once my site is up and running!

Sunday night we went to our friends apartment (conveniently 2 doors down from us!) to watch the Golden Globes.  I wasn’t 100% into watching…they were a bit boring I thought.  Did anyone else notice how bored some of the people looked when they turned the cameras on the audience?  It was a good time to work on my 4” squares for a project that I haven’t shared just yet.  I haven’t shared it because it’s too disorganized at this point to share.

I did make Cake Batter ice cream (gluten free, of course!) for the 2nd time for Sunday and it actually turned out this time!!!  Thanks again for the recipe Megan - turns out the kind of milk used definitely made a difference, at least in my ice cream maker!

Oh!  Debi – your square is in the mail today.  I’ll wait to post a picture until you have it.

That really felt like a LOT of work this weekend!  Sunday into Monday was when most of this was done.  I also watched almost the entire first season West Wing.  I love re-watching my favorite series when spending the day crocheting.  I only have to listen like 50% of the time to know what’s going on – much easier when crocheting!

In case, that wasn’t enough for 3 days, I just have to say how beneficial cleaning can be!  I never did find this pattern that I was looking for in the fall when I needed it.  It randomly showed up when I was organizing yesterday afternoon!  I was THRILLED J  This is probably the #1 reason I need to get my patterns in better order.  They’re just in a million places, a million different ways and I find myself unable to find what I want, or reprinting, again when I am able to find online.  Have no fear.  I’ve had the binders, etc to do this for over a year now….I just need to STOP crocheting long enough to get them in order.  The key is probably to just organize the ones I’m currently using and add to that as I go along.  One step at a time I suppose….

I’ve caught up reading all your blogs, and it sounds like I wasn’t the only one who had a great weekend!  I hope it’s a short work week for all of you as well.  I know I’m ready for the weekend to be here again J


  1. I can't tell any difference in the colors - very good that you found a replacement yarn. I mailed out your granny square today too - be on the lookout. :)

  2. Looks gorgeous! And I'm glad the ice cream worked. So good!