Friday, January 13, 2012

Pre 3-day Weekend Update

Happy Friday everyone!  I don't know about you, but I couldn't be happier that this week is almost over!  Of course, knowing you have a three day weekend coming up just makes the days go by slower and slower as the week trudges on!

I've posted a recent picture of my RR to the Flickr group as a "part 1 of 2".  As in a before and after the 3 day weekend!  I just have the round I'm doing right now and then 9 more until it's done so I'm hoping to finish it up before the weekend is finished (and maybe even be on to something else!)  I have big plans to clean tomorrow, hit up Wegmans on Sunday morning and then spend the reminder of my weekend relaxing and crocheting crocheting crocheting!  I do plan to take breaks for things like making ice cream and possibly doing some laundry was well (but there's no need to get ahead of myself, right?).

I'll leave you today with a question that I'm hoping for some feedback on.  Does anyone have a preference to Blogger vs. Word Press (or vice versa)?  I've always had Blogger because it was Google and just never strayed.  Since receiving my iPad for Christmas, I've read that the Blogsy app works better for WordPress than Blogger accounts.  Out of interest I set up a WordPress account thinking I may transfer everything over but I can not figure out their layout/setup/anything!  So basically any of you who use Blogsy for your Blogger accounts and love/hate it or have WordPress and LOVE it, I'd love any feedback you can give me!  Either a comment here or an email to would be great!


  1. I've only had Blogger and it's worked perfectly until just a little bit ago when they started doing their upgrades. I wish they would get it all straightened out. :)

  2. I can't really help as I've only used blogger and have an iPad. I don't have any problems with blogger so plan on sticking with it.