Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's Cookin'?

Mostly a big pot of indecisiveness….

Not sure what my deal is lately but I’ve made zero progress on many projects.  The biggest hurdle that I have yet to clear is a lack decision making and/or a lack of confidence in the decisions I’ve made.

This past weekend I was in a bit of a funk/rut.  I made trips to AC Moore and Michaels and spent some time crocheting, but one of two things happened by Sunday - either the work I did was frogged or I’m still unhappy with color choices and am waiting for some yarn to arrive by mail*.

*”Funny” story – the yarn I’m waiting for wasn’t ordered online, I sent my mom to the local Walmart (don’t have one close to us) to pick up some yarn I’d seen over the holidays that I couldn’t find anywhere else!  It’s being shipped to me today along with some other goodies from wonderful Chautauqua County!

One of my most chronic cases of indecisiveness over the years has been when it’s time for me to make something for myself.  I don’t suffer from a need to give everything I make away, I just can’t make a decision on design, pattern, colors, hook size, etc etc etc….

Perfect example would be that after I bought some Vanna’s Choice in Raspberry on clearance over the weekend I couldn’t decide what to do with it.  I bought them out of the 5 or 6 skeins they had left (plus I knew think I have 2 at home….) I spent most of Saturday with it stuck in my head to make a scarf with this yummy raspberry color. Why a scarf when I have so many skeins, you ask?  No freaking clue.  By Sunday morning I’d frogged my 5th or 6th scarf attempt and started a blanket.  It wasn’t until last night that I’d finally settled on my 2nd color (Vanna’s Baby in Lamb if you’re wondering) and my pattern.

Feeling happy with my choice I had a bit of “steam” left last night to crochet (until I passed out from exhaustion).  I was happily crocheting away while we made our way through Season 3 of West Wing when I came across this:


I don’t know if you can see it but in the previous row I missed a ch-2.  I’ve made like 5 blankets with this pattern at this point and I don’t ever recall doing this.  I was too mad/tired to frog it last night and fix.  So it’s sitting at home waiting for me tonight.  My hope is that now that I am actually happy with my color and pattern choices that I’ll have more of a desire to pick this up each night after work.

Things like sheer exhaustion from work, 4 industrial size loads of laundry on Monday evening, dental work yesterday that’s made opening my jaw quite painful today AND the current book I’m reading (and find difficult to put down) are also contributing to my lack of crocheting.

I really need to find a better work/life/crochet balance J


  1. I like the pretty pink you've chosen for the ripple. (I didn't notice the missed ch-2) :)

  2. Man!! I hate when that happens!

    On my most recent panel afghan, I was plowing along when I realized I'd made a mistake on the previous row which was of course a different color. I had to take out SO much. Usually I would just adapt and move along, but it wasn't possible with this mistake because it made it very obvious that it was no longer symmetrical. =P grrr.

    On yours, I'd just put the dc, ch 2, dc stitches in that space and make it work anyway... if you didn't want to frog it. ;-) Looks pretty! Can't wait to see the finished product!