Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick Update

"Happy" Monday everyone!  No, I wasn't too thrilled to get up and head into work this morning so Happy is me trying my best to put on a happy face

1.  We just had ourselves a freak little snowstorm here in DC!  It was so balmy and nice over the weekend (highs in at least the upper 60s), but when I went to grab some lunch today it was FREEEEEEEEEZING!!!!  Sure enough the "light rain" they were calling for this afternoon ended up being snow!  It was coming down pretty hard for about 30-45 min the ground (sidewalks) are much too warm for anything to have accumulated.

 2.  Have no fear Pammy Sue - I've been working on my round ripple!!  I put in many hours both on Saturday morning and evening and even took pictures Saturday night so that I could show you all the progress I made from one day to the next (I'm terrible about blogging on the weekends....thinking about moving everything over to wordpress once I get my shop set up as I will be able to blog and edit much m ore efficiently on my iPad with wordpress).  Sadly yesterday was a total wash due to a migraine on day 4 which turned into nausea when the Excedrin finally took away the pain....I did a little work yesterday morning, but for the most part I laid on the couch looking at my work wishing that I had the energy to sit up and work on it.  Never happened.  I posted my new pictures HERE for everyone to see!

3.  Thanks to those of you who voted on my name poll for my online shop.  I'm not quite ready to make my final decision, so I've reopened the poll through this Friday in hopes that I can get more feedback!  This means if you haven't voted yet, PLEASE DO!


  1. All the names are cute for your shop, I voted. :-) Happy Monday and sorry to hear about your migraine. Sounds like you are feeling better now. Take care. :-)

  2. I'm using Blogsy app to try to blog from my new ipad. It's hard and not easy. Is wordpress easier? I'm not technical at all. Also what is a round ripple?

  3. Kristie - I put Blogsy on my iPad and it seemed impossible to use with Blogger. I haven't tried yet with WordPress but may test the waters before I make any definite change.

    A round ripple is a type of crocheted blanket - check out the link under #2 for pictures :-)

  4. I love Wordpress, great to use on mobile devices too!
    And about your shop name, I think I voted for Holly Loves. The others almost all use the word Crafty, and I think there are way too many shops out there using that word... But that's just my opinion ;)
    I'm sure you'll find a suitable fit!