Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ever Wonder Why?

Ever have a bad experience crocheting and think, "why the hell do I do this to myself?"

yea....I had one of those mornings.

After reading Pammy Sue's post about doing a Crochet Along, I jumped at the opportunity to 1.  join :-)  2.  challenge myself with a new pattern and 3.  actually finish a Crochet Along for a larger project (for once!)  When I got home from work last night, I got my chores done as quickly as possible so that I could ask my color consultant (aka Jonathan) about what yarn I should use, post a picture of my choices on Flickr and GET STARTED!  I only got about 3 rounds in last night (of course by now it was about 9:30 p.m.) before the pattern was no longer making sense.  I opted to stop while I was ahead and just get up early this morning and crochet before work, vs. finding out I had rounds and rounds of work to frog in the daylight hours.....

I got up at 5, got ready for work and had 1 full hour to crochet before I had to leave my warm apartment and drive to work.  About 5 minutes before I had to stop crocheting, right around when I started really feeling proud of myself for tackling a pattern that's more difficult to follow that anything I've ever started (and actually completed) in the past, I found my mistake.  At each point I was doing a fptr into the fptr from the previous post.  After re-reading (or maybe maybe just reading in it's entirety for the first time) I saw that the pattern states "fptr AROUND the previous fptr"  DAMN.IT  No wonder I was missing the ribbing.....

It's very pretty as is, but you can see right where my hook stopped I did one correctly and how it'll start to rib.  Sure I could just continue the pattern how I've done it for the past 3 rounds, but that would sort of be cheating wouldn't it?  sigh  I'll be frogging tonight once my chores are done and I will make it right this time!

If anyone is curious about what yarn exactly that I'm using:

Bernat Berella - Soft Heather
Loops & Threads Impeccable - Sea Green
Vanna's Choice Baby - White (Angel)
The pattern also calls for an "H" hook, but I'm using an "I" hook as I crochet a little tightly and don't want the finished product to be too stiff.

Marie Anne - not sure why but I can't get your link to properly load onto my site anymore!!  Last week the link showed up when I copied and pasted (vs. the picture) so this week I just copied the image...of course this means it doesn't link back to your site.  If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!


  1. I get that feeling often, and not just with crochet!

    I've never done a crochet along and don't think I'd have the patience for it.

    Not sure why the link isn't working either, but you were able to link my name. Hmmm ...

  2. Hi, I saw the pattern for that afghan too and I think it's very pretty. When I do a pattern for the first time I do a lot of frogging and when I master a pattern I seem to make it a few more times before moving on to a new one. You asked me how I keep track of the projects I do, and I do that by noting completed things on my blog in the right hand column.

  3. I doubt I ever try crocheting with the small stuff so you are way ahead of me.
    I'm doing the granny square a day in 2012 through a blog. Now that I started I want to keep going so it's going to be hard to do just one a day.
    Otherwise I've taken out my little projects to work on here and there.