Thursday, January 5, 2012

Take Two

As promised, I went home and frogged aaaaaaaaall but round 1 of my round ripple.  I spent most of last night reading, trying, cursing and frogging before I finally got the hang of the pattern!

This morning I started round 8 so I'm officially past the work I lost from yesterday and you can DEF see the difference now that I'm crocheting according to Julee's pattern!  I've also finally committed the pattern to memory (plus you can see what you're doing more now that it's a bit bigger)

I do have to actually do some chores (and make dinner tonight), since neither happened last night but I'm hoping to to get to the color change at round 15 before tomorrow's update!

Oh!  before I forget, stay tuned this evening and look for my new poll I'll be adding to the blog!  I'm currently taking suggestions for the name of my online shop and will be asking for votes on the best name - maybe you're favorite will be selected!