Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cold and Rainy Night

The weather here is terrible tonight.  Cold, and rainy....should have been the perfect night to work on my RR but I haven't been too motivated the last couple of days. Maybe this whole working a 5 day work week is getting to me?  Haha I know, talk about spoiled!

Biggest issue is likely that as the blanket gets bigger it takes a lot more work (and time) to notice progress made.  Here's hoping I can wake up early tomorrow and get some stitches in before work. 

Lots of good change coming for the blog and my new shop, hoping to have something to actually show for my work after the 3 day weekend. 

On a non-crafty note, has anyone watched season 1 of Downton Abby?  We found it on Netflix last night and it's pretty great!  It's on PBS and I've heard that season 2 has now started. Anyone with access to stream instantly through Netflix should check it out!  Only 7 episodes to season 1 but it's very entertaining. 

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  1. I voted in your shop name poll - it was hard to choose. Have a great day. :)