Friday, February 24, 2012

To-do Lists

Does anyone else find that they are more productive with a to-do list vs. "wingin' it"?  Might sound like a silly question to ask, I feel like everyone is probably more productive with some structure and guidelines, but do you always make sure it happens?

I'm pretty good about making to-do lists at work.  Not always since many pieces of my job are repetitive from one week to the next and I get tired of re-writing the same "do's" after a while.  At home, I'm worse.  I typically only write out a list if I'm getting ready to go out of town - something about knowing you're going on vacation (and the rapid decrease of days/hours to get it all done) makes me be more structured & organized.  This, of course, also means that I get more work done.  Is anyone actually surprised that these two things may actually be tied to each other???

On my way into work this morning, I was telling my mom about all the work I wanted to get done in the apartment this weekend, and how I was likely crazy to think I'd actually accomplish it all...

As I sat here eating my lunch, and reading some new blog posts, I got to thinking how posting a to-do here could be a very helpful thing.
1.  I know that I'm more productive with a list to keep me on track
2.  It forces me to make said list,
3.  Sharing it with you holds me accountable to what I tell myself (and you) I'm going to do

So here we go - 

  1. Dinner with my sweet, sweet Jonathan
  2. discuss with Jonathan where certain pieces of furniture that I want to move will actually fit, and well look nice
  3. devise a plan for the best way to start moving furniture and swapping where things "live" on Saturday
  1. enjoy a cup of coffee, a little crocheting and catch up on this week's Grey's
  2. use my plan for #3 above to start my work around the apartment.  The plan is to move the holiday decorations from our cupboards in the living room to the closest in the guest bedroom (Jon's study).  This closet currently "holds" my crafts.  Holds is a strong word to describe this as many things no longer fit in here.  The crafts are moving out to the living room cupboards (which is ideal as it puts everything much closer to where I craft - the living room/dining room, if sewing/balcony, if nice outside!)  There is a shelving unit in the current craft closet that needs to come out, and go somewhere else (#2 for tonight) and part of the cupboards currently house pantry food and some kitchen appliances so they're going to be moving, but I've got a couple of options on just how that's going to work....To recap - crafts to living room cupboards, holiday decorations and other misc. storage to guest bedroom closet and pantry/kitchen appliances closer to kitchen.
  3. Have this project finished or at least under control before I pass out from exhaustion - ideally with enough time to enjoy the evening with my husband and my crocheting
  1. put together a list of meals for this week while enjoying my coffee (shhhh, I may work on this a bit this afternoon - Pammy Sue, I'm planning to make THIS for sure!! yummy!)
  2. Wegmans trip with Jonathan for this week's groceries.  Possible quick stop at Ikea (it's on the way home) to pick up some storage containers
  3. home to unpack the groceries, clean the bathroom, pick up anything that's still outta control in the living room/dicing room area
  4. Prep lunches for next week (I've been buying Lean Cuisines and the past couple of weeks now and I've had a few that have been GOD AWFUL.  barf! On Wednesday, after I thew away 90% of my lunch I told Jonathan that I was sure I could make things that would be much better than these....he agreed but told me I'd need to actually plan in advance for it so that's the "plan")
  5. Watch the Academy Awards.  I plan on making at THESE while I watch!  Are these not the cutest things in the world?  Okay, I guess you've gotta really like Peeps to find these as cute as I do, but OH.MY.GOODNESS.  so cute.  Looking forward to working on a new pattern during a show that doesn't require my eyes and/or attention 100% of the time.
If you're still reading, I apologize for rambling through this post.  I'm really excited for the work I'm planning to do this weekend, and hope that I'm still this excited tomorrow, especially by mid-late day :o)

As soon as I hit PUBLISH I'm writing up a streamlined list for the weekend.  I look forward, not only for the work do be done, but to crossing things off as I go!

TGIF blogging friends - hope that you all have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like you're going to be so busy. I like to write 'to-do' lists too - I try my best to keep with it, but sometimes I don't. Have a good weekend. :)

  2. I write the lists...but that doesn't mean I do what's on them! I feel more overwhelmed when I list the crochet projects that I 'have' to do and less likely to push to do them. So for crafting, just winging it is best for me.