Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crafty Sundays

This is my 2nd attempt at today’s post.  The first draft was already half a page long and I’m not sure I’d said anything of any importance, let alone anything that you would find interesting.

Do you ever have a Crafty day with friends?  Last winter my friends and I would have Crafty Sunday's (or Saturday's depending on everyone's schedules).  We'd craft and watch terrible TV or Harry Potter for the 100th time and just enjoy each others company with a craft in hand.  This hasn't happened yet this year, but not because we haven't been trying!  Whether out of town, busy or sick, it seems they always get canceled last minute.  I received an email from a group of friends this morning about whether or not we could have a Crafty Sunday next weekend.  My first thought was - every Sunday is Crafty Sunday in my house, so you're more than welcome to join me!
I’m crazy exhausted today so I’m going to blame my rambling on that, and hope that round two goes a bit better.
My Momma came to visit over the weekend and we had lots of fun shopping and crafting.  This is primarily how we spend weekends together – whether in MD or NY, shopping trips and crafty afternoons are always on the top of our “to-do” lists!  #3 would be drinking wine ;-) and of course in the summertime, we must find time for the pool if we’re in MD!
I’ve had quite the sewing bug lately.  This past December I was a bit sad when I got my machine out to sew some Christmas presents and found the thread from the last pair of Christmas pants from the year before still threaded on the machine.  Yes, I know, I was a bit “busy” with the whole wedding planning thing so I shouldn’t really beat myself up too much… I do think it made me want to focus a bit more crafty energy on sewing this year!
Anyway.  My sewing “total” for the weekend is 3 pairs of flannel lounge pants, 2 coasters, and 1 pillow case!  Below are the only pictures of the crafty goodness that I remembered to take….Mom’s matching froggy pants and her pillow case made it all the way back to WNY before I realized that I never took photos!
Here is the “stock” of fabric we purchased at JoAnn’s before it was washed Sunday morning.  There’s enough here for 5 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts and a pillow case, not to mention the fun things to be created out of the left over material!
This one was taken last night after I finished my 3rd pair of pants in 24 hours.  You may recognize the Holly print from Christmas time – it’s one of the many pairs that I cut out prior to Christmas thinking I’d get them all sewn in the month of December if they were already cut out.  One down, two to go!  I just re-read the blog post linked above and it turns out I never posted the picture of all the other pairs that I cut out that night...whoops!
Here are the coasters from above a little bit closer up.  They’re made the same way as last weekend’s coaster experiment, and are just a couple of 5” square scraps from the froggy pants!  One’s for me, and the other I’m sending to Mom in a “thank you for a fun weekend” package, which I’m hoping to send out tomorrow morning.  The frogs aren't quite as centered as I would have liked, but I think they're still cute - which one do you like best?  I wanna send my Momma the better of the two!
Each day I did do some crocheting as well – I mean, I’m still me after all, but not enough to show anything off just yet. 
Hoping to finish up a small crochet project tonight.  If I’m productive during Glee I’ll be sure to take pictures in the morning and post an update tomorrow.
Isn’t it GREAT to have it day light a little bit earlier and a little bit later each day?!?!  I finally have enough light in the apartment to take a few pictures before work AND I can almost make it home from work at night before it’s dark once more…looking forward to warmer days, flip flops and needing my sun glasses for the drive home once more.


  1. Awww! I love the froggie pants and coasters! So very cute. ;-)

  2. They are so cute. I like both the coasters. :)