Monday, February 27, 2012

Work(s) in Progress

After a very busy weekend, I'm left with a very sore back and many incomplete projects!

I started off Saturday morning with a small set back.  I'd totally forgotten that I'd thrown out my last vacuum bag back when my vacuum started to smell like it was burning (after the Christmas tree needles were fully taken care of last month).  Jonathan and I attempted a "quick" trip out to pick up bags for my vacuum, but ended up stopping at Target and Home Depot just to find out that I obviously own a vacuum that takes the least popular style bag on the market!  They were ordered on Amazon yesterday, but needless to say I spent some time on the drive home pouting over not being able to properly vacuum when I started moving big pieces of furniture.  We also added in a quick stop at Ikea while we were out to pick up some new storage boxes that I needed for my yarn stash's new home!  In total I probably put 6-7 hours of work into my apartment project on Saturday.  I have "before" and "during" pictures to share, but want to save them until I have the "FINISHED" set as well!  After our Wegmans run yesterday morning, I was too tired and sore to do much other than tidy up for the work week ahead (along with putting away the groceries and picking up my clothes that were "carpeting" the bedroom floor).

Yesterday afternoon I did some crocheting.  I made decent progress on a blanket, and I made the body for one side of my first PEEP.  I was doing really good and thinking about how many of these adorable little guys I was going to "mass produce" and gift by April 8th.  Around 8:15 I hit a wall.  Didn't crochet a single stitch during the Oscars!  I kept telling myself that this was due to the hours of crocheting I'd already done (started around 3), but no doubt the fact that I was writhing due to back pain contributed to this.  I still made it through the whole show, with only one 15-minute nap where I had to rewind and see what I missed.  Here is my recap on the night:
  1. Billy Crystal = very funny (still giggling at the "Chapter 11 Theatre" comment from the opening monologue)
  2. Angelina Jolie was really slutting it up.  I did enjoy all my FB friends who commented about "throwing her a sandwich"  I've never been a big Angelina fan, and she did not win me over last night.
  3. I really enjoy Meryl Streep and I'm happy that she won.  There were many speeches last night that left me a little misty eyed - people genuinely seemed grateful to have won.
  4. They're sound guy should be FIRED!  As someone who's father works for a Professional Stage Hand union, I was pretty disgusted with how loud the orchestration was in the beginning and wanted to throw something at the TV to stop the feedback and interference during the last 2/3 of the show.  I will say that I was happy to hear that I wasn't the only one hearing all that - it went on for so long that I was slightly convinced that someone was wrong with my TV speakers!
  5. That being said I really loved the "old Hollywood" movie theatre set and all the scenery and special effects.  Again, because of the hard work my Dad puts in to this line of work, I respect it a great deal.  During my high school years I did a lot of community theatre in WNY, and my mom did a lot of costuming and prop work.  My dad also did sets and sound for my children's theatre group, community theatre shows, and my high school musicals.  Theatre really was a family experience for me growing up!
  6. I really want to see "The Artist" while it's still in movie theatres!!!!!  The little tap dancer in me wants to sit there and tap her toes along in the biggest way.  Only problem is I don't want to go see it with all the crowds that will go now just because it won.
  7. Sunday night award shows should only happen when Monday is a Federal Holiday.  I know it was only 8:30 on the West Coast, but this morning came waaaay too quickly and I'm crazy tired today!  It's really not one of those shows that you can DVR and watch the next night and think you'll be surprised!
I've added a few tabbed pages to the top of my blog today.  I'm pretty excited with myself for figuring this out.  I know, it's not much, but I'm not uber smart when it comes to understanding even the most basic of "website building".  I'm going to keep adding to these as I have more to share -  I'm planning a "completed projects" tab, my shop "Sweet Bear Creations", and "free patterns" in the distant future.  I'll also try by best to keep up on my reading list as well - according to my Kindle I'm 93% of the way through "Wishes & Stitches" so I should be updating that for sure in the next couple of days.

Sorry that I have no pictures to share today - this is what happens when I take pictures with my camera for quality vs. my phone for convenience :o)

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