Monday, February 13, 2012


Gosh I am really feeling the LOVE out there in blog-land!  A big THANK YOU!!  to Debi, Heather, and Little Orphan Skein for awarding me with my first blog award, ever! Three times no less - I gotta say, you really know how to make a girl feel popular!

Now, on to the 7 fun and exciting facts you may not know about me (okay, so I can't guarantee they'll be all that exciting to anyone, other than me!):

Fact 1:  I went to college in NYC for Musical Theatre (yes, I'm a theatre geek, this is why there's Wicked link above...) I now work in Human Resources for a Private Equity Firm in Washington, DC.  I get a lot of "what?!?!"  looks at work when I'm asked where I went to college, etc.

Fact 2:  I learned to downhill ski at age 2, but haven't been for the past decade.  

Fact 3:  I started taking dance classes at age 7.  It took my Grannie this long to get me in classes because when you're really little classes are usually on Saturday mornings.  I always spent Saturdays (and Sundays for that matter) skiing with my parents so I started dancing once classes were on a weekday after school.  The first year I only took tap.  Tap is still my all time favorite (and yes, 42nd Street, Anything Goes, and Thoroughly Modern Millie are a few of my favorite musicals...just to name a few!)
Fact 3b:  By the time I was in high school I started teaching private dancing lessons and doing choreography at my community theatre.  I still find myself "coming up" with choreography and tap steps at the most random of times.  My favorite place to practice what a new rhythm sounds like is the elevator of my building...I have 10 floors of uninterrupted time (as long as I'm in the elevator alone!  I try to avoid this if I'm in the elevator with others in an attempt to dodge the funny looks.....)

Fact 4:  I was teaching my now Sister-in-Law private tap lessons when Jonathan and I first started dating.  I still remember the phone call I got from the house one summer night - I thought it was my now MIL calling about a lesson that I'd missed, it was Jonathan calling to see if I wanted to hang out that weekend <3

Fact 5:  I was 5'7" in 7th grade.  It wasn't until my Senior Year of high school that the guys in my class were finally taller than me!

Fact 6:  My Grannie, Mom and I are all exactly 30 years apart in age.  While I'm not sure I'll be ready for kids in 2013, I've always thought it would be really cool to have a daughter who's exactly 30 years younger than me.
Fact 6b:  My mom and I got married 30 years apart from each other as well...

Fact 7:  I'm the fifth generation with the middle name Louise on my Mom's side of the family.  Holly Louise - Susan Louise - Shirley Louise - Ethel Louise - Carrie Louise.  One day, I hope to have a daughter (even if it's not in 2013 to pass this along to)

As far as awarding this to 15 other bloggers, I feel as though this award has made rounds, twice to some of you, so instead of awarding anything to anyone, I'll leave you with a list of my favorite blogs to read each day (in no particular order!):

Thanks to all my favorite blogs (those listed above and MORE) for keeping me inspired, laughing and giving me great reads on my lunch break!

Happy Monday everyone!  I did lots of crafting over the weekend, but will save that post for lunchtime tomorrow :o)


  1. Congrats! I enjoyed reading your "tidbits" and love the idea of tap dancing in the elevator; what fun. :-) Have a terrific day! Heather

  2. You're very welcome - I enjoy reading your blog. :)

    p.s. do they have a camera in your elevator?

  3. Congratulations!

    I like 4. the best!