Wednesday, February 15, 2012


First, I’d like to apologize for the fact that the only blogging I do these days is an update of pictures from the past week.  This usually includes a quick paragraph of things I plan to do in the near future, that usually never actually happen!
Second of all, before you see the pictures I’m getting ready to share in this update, please know that when I took the first couple over the weekend, they were meant to just be glimpses to post on Facebook.  I had intended to take nicer quality pictures of each project, but as always my weekends go too quickly and I ran out of time before the time had come once more that I had to go back to work!

First is my status picture from a Saturday of crocheting –
My blanket is coming along slowly.  I've spent lots and lots of time with it, but I'm using an H hook so it's def taking a bit longer to see any major progress!

Sunday morning was spent sewing:
Some springtime Pillow Cases for our couch.  We spend lots of time lounging and relaxing on the couch nights and weekends, and I really like to use our spare bed pillows to get comfy (also, it saves from having to store our pillows for when we have guests spend the night)!  I needed something to replace my Christmas cases and I thought I'd take the opportunity to start getting some spring colors in the apartment once more.  This really is such a fun way to use beautiful material, customize it to the holiday/season and with only the cost of 1 yd of material per case - they're super quick to make too!  I've of course fallen in love with these patterns and now want to go buy some material to make lounge pants :o)

I made a set of coasters for a co-worker's birthday on Tuesday.  This was my first time sewing coasters so I also made one pink one for my desk @ work.  They're all the same on the front and back and just have some batting in the middle.  5" cut squares with a 1/2" seam make the perfect size (to me!) for a coaster.  I'm still trying to master straighter lines on my top stitching, but I'll get there.  These were all made at no cost to me - just scraps from lounge pants & shorts made over the past 18 months.  My co-worker loved them and said that they'd go perfectly in her 2nd bedroom (which coincidentally was in need of coasters as it's a TV room in their house!)

 Here's how they were "wrapped"

I also made Jonathan a pair of red fleece lounge pants for Valentine's Day.  I totally forgot to take a picture after giving them to him last night!  But I will say they were a hit, he'd changed into them within about 45 seconds of opening his gift!

In other news,the next two nights after work are being spent preparing for company this weekend.  My momma is coming to visit Friday night through Monday morning.  This means things like the growing pile of laundry and very messy study need to be dealt with tonight and tomorrow so that she and I can have a good old CRAFTY weekend (plus a couple of shopping trips to give Jonathan a break!)

Lastly – a belated Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow bloggers!  I read all your posts about LOVE yesterday, but found myself without enough time in my lunch break to write about my own <3

Jonathan made our first Valentine’s as husband and wife a very special one.  Due to come unforeseeable bumps in the road it is one that I’ll never forget!

Here's the awesome dinner Jonathan made us last night (along with pink tulips from him and his gift (you can kind of see the red fleece peekin' out!))  He was in charge of dinner (Porterhouse, shrimp, asparagus and avocado) and I was in charge of dessert (GF chocolate cake with raspberry frosting and chocolate sauce)  I totally forgot to take a picture of my cake but I'll say this - adding a jar of seedless preserves to white canned frosting makes for AMAZING cake frosting!!!  I only needed about half of it for my 9" cake, so I put the rest back into the jar, and popped it into the fridge for a fun dessert in the near future!

I'd like to point out that those pink tulips are my 2nd flowers of the day (I told you he went all out!).  Sadly the roses which were to be delivered to my office, have yet to arrive....the tulips were purchased in the afternoon (before places would be sold out) to bring home all along - I think he'd want you all to know that. 

My Funny Valentine really is the sweetest of them all <3

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  1. What a sweet valentine's day. I love the pillow cases and coasters you made. I've crocheted coasters, but never thought of sewing them. Where did you get the pattern for the pillow covers? That would be fun to try.