Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Projects

Being my first weekend in town since July, most of my weekend was spent trying to get the apartment back in order.  I didn't even step outside from the moment I got home from work Friday night, until I left for work this morning (thanks in part to our balcony still being non-existent).  On Friday night I crocheted and Saturday morning as well - I completed the fall scarf and started my next one.  Thanks to all the work I had in front of me around the apartment, the completed one has yet to have the ends woven in or be blocked and no pictures were taken (mostly because there isn't really a clean space to take pictures...still)

Saturday's other big, unanticipated project was the study.  It needed to be cleaned (and by cleaned I mean everything in the before picture below needed to be put into other rooms so that JGW can use the room for studying...)

The dreaded before shot - this is what life looks like when you work crazy hours, commute even crazier hours, plan a wedding and then spend 5 straight weekends not at home!  ugh

The unloading of "stuff" was the big piece, what was unanticipated was finding the radiator and bottom of the desk covered in the room was gutted, things were bleached and after discussing how we wanted to rearrange the room, it was put back together again!

My after photos are below and after a couple of "options" with the furniture, it really does look nice (now that I'm used to it!)

Other plants have been added and the desk now looks like it's being used, but all and all it still looks like this 36 hours later!

If I had taken a picture of my living room this a.m. it would look almost identical to the before picture above!  Almost everything is sitting in the living room waiting for me to go through it all.  The mold project took way too much time and left me almost in tears with back pain most of yesterday.  I did some bathroom organizing and finished cleaning up the bedroom so Sunday wasn't a complete wash - just a lot of work still ahead of me!  Between small steps taken at night this weekend and some seriously effort this coming Saturday, I'm hoping to be in good shape - at least good enough to be able to have Crafty Sunday again!

Maybe JGW will let me photograph my finished scarf and started projects from his lovely study this evening :-)

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  1. The after looks fantastic!! And I am loving all of the new crochet work!