Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you think it's genetic?

My mom and I have joked for years about the number of "projects" my Grannie starts, or purchased over the years w/o finishing the one she's currently working on.  I seem to have picked up this trait from her for I often find myself thinking about the next thing I want to make before the project I'm working on is finished!  What's worse is when I let these thoughts get the best of me and I put down when I'm currently working on/finishing and go find new yarn from the closet!  This past weekend is the perfect example of this:

Now don't be fooled.  The ends have not been woven in, and it has not yet been blocked.  All I did was tuck in ends where they could not be seen, and placed it nicely for an early morning photo opportunity.  I LOVE the colors and think the pattern turned out great, which is why I wanted to share today.  I just think that the fact that it's 80 degrees and sunny here today means I'm not dying to wear this like I was over Labor Day when it was 50 and rainy in WNY.  That, and I hate weaving in ends!

Once I got my fall scarf off the hook on Saturday morning, I quickly pulled out my new "Guilder blue" yarn.  I love this shade of blue - hell I'm wearing it right now!  Ok, I'm sure many of you, well all of you who are NOT from Jamestown, NY are saying to yourself, "what the hell is Guilder blue?!?"  This! - below, this is my beloved Guilder blue:

Fine - call it Royal blue if you want to, but my brain doesn't associate those words with a color as well as Guilder blue does!  After all the ugly attempts I made to produce a fall scarf with ILTY, I'd all but given up on having a Guilder blue scarf.  Then, over Labor Day I was in Walmart and saw the above Red Heart Shimmer - a light bulb went off right there in the craft department and I knew I'd found just what I needed!  I'd been thinking about hook size, pattern and width all last week while I was "finishing" up the scarf above and I'd barely set that one down before I'd pick this up and starting chaining to my desired width!  I actually think that after a testing of proper length on the first scarf in the bathroom mirror, I stopped and found the new yarn on my way back to the couch to add a few more rows!  The Red Heart Shimmer is working up nicely in my favorite pattern from Marie Anne.  I think I chained 30 (or maybe it was 40...can't remember) instead of the suggested 20 and I think it's gonna be great!  I even sent my mom to pick up more in the same dye lot and ship to me so I could keep the color the same.  Unfortunately, this is a bit difficult to work on at night.  The lighting in my living room is just not bright enough for the darker color, finer yarn and H hook.  This means I only can work on it Saturday and Sunday mornings sooooooooooooooooooo

I naturally started working on something else last night!  I know, it's a sickness, medication should be administered.  I dug this yarn out of my stash on Saturday night when I realized I couldn't see the Guilder blue in the evening, and I have probably tried 15 different patterns, hooks, widths, etc and hated every one of them!  I'm still not 100% on this, but am hoping that as I go it gets less bumpy (and that blocking in the end will also help).  This is actually what I'm using for the Crochet Along (CAL) that I signed up for.  Ok, so I'm already a week a head of Rachel's schedule, but I already know how to crochet, and I had the pattern sitting on the couch with  me last night (addicts always have a reason for the way they act right?).  I just couldn't get the Red Heart "berries" variegation to look nice with anything else so I gave it a try.  Actually, I first tried with 2 strands (because I happen to have 2 skeins of this) with an N, then M, then K hook before deciding I hated it.  I frogged it and started single strand with my favorite K.  No, it's not really the pattern for the CAL, but I struggled through finding a way that I liked the pattern, and the yarn so I find that a plus.  It's also going to be a perfect birthday/Christmas gift for someone I know who loves "raspberry"!


  1. Very nice. I especially like the berries v-stitch scarf you've started. :)

  2. I understand entirely! I'm SO good at finding/starting new projects before I actually finish the ones I'm working on. There's just something so exciting about getting new yarn and trying out a pattern that really grasps your interest. A lot of times I'll find myself having a "finish day" to just finish all my half done things.

    Life's tough when you love crafting!! haha

  3. Sarah I love it! I have those days too (I just usually don't enjoy them because they involve a let of ends to be woven in...) I've tried to tell friends how much fun it is to weave in ends, but they're not catching on :-)

    Debi - thank you, I'm hoping that I like it more after I add some rows to it tonight! It's actually the first project I'm following through on using a V stitch, I usually quit after row 2!