Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Fall Scarf

All it took was a day off from work for the "unofficial" last day of summer for the weather to turn to FALL!  I'm not complaining though - after 90+ temps on Saturday and Sunday back home with no a/c I fully am welcoming this cooler weather!  I barely mind the rain (mostly because I'm indoors all day anyway!), and my trench coat made it's first fall appearance this morning....probably looked pretty ridiculous in a dress with flip flops too, but figured the sneakers would have been too much ;-)

I gave up on the blue version of my fall scarf over the weekend because I still didn't love it (even after trying 3 or 4 other stitches since my last post).  I was also in the Lakewood Walmart on Saturday and had my first, surprise introduction to Red Heart With Love.  Just slightly differently color variety than RHSS, but much softer - closer to how I remember RHSS being in the past, and almost as soft as ILTY.  I picked up the last 2 skeins in Waterlily that they had and came home to start creating!

I ended up using part of a pattern I'd seen online and a pen and paper to come up with my stitch!  First time I've ever done something like this, but I don't know that I can really call it my own pattern - so I won't be sharing here but I've taken detailed notes for future use.  I'm calling it a "Grannie Scarf"

We drove back to MD yesterday, late...neither of us wanted to leave and we milked our last day at home until about 3:40 when we got on the road.  Luckily our new route through the back roads of PA get us here in 6 1/2-7 hours so it wasn't too terrible.  Unfortunately the back roads mean that I can't crochet or read all that much while JGW is driving....I did get about 12 solid miles of crocheting in while on I-80E, but then it was my turn to drive in all the lovely rain:

We got into SS around 10:30, got the Jeep unpacked, I showered and put away all food that came back with us in record speed, just so I could have a few minutes to crochet before crashing.  I probably only spent about 15 min before I could no longer hold my head up.  I took the picture below of my progress this morning, not the best light with our gloomy skies (my cell phone flash just washed half of the beautiful colors out on my first attempt)

Maybe there will be a break in the clouds this weekend - I hope to have it done by then so I can enjoy it this fall...plus I got some lighter weight "Guilder blue" yarn that I think I'll be able to use for my initial attempt at a fall scarf!

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