Monday, September 26, 2011

I'll be quick!

First of all, a big thanks to Debi Y. for the spotlight on my blog today!  It was a great surprise to read all the nice things she had to say while eating my lunch - THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Quick recap on the weekend (before getting back to work):

  1. Spent Saturday morning at the DMV getting a new driver's license.  All things considered it wasn't too painful, they're pretty efficient in Maryland and we were out of there in about 90 min from opening.  The remainder of Saturday was spent on my weekly Wegmans trip, napping and a rare night out for a friend's birthday.
  2. I'm still fighting off this cold and spent a good part of Sunday on the couch - some of this time was spent crocheting (made great progress on a gift that I hope to get in the mail tomorrow) and even more was spent frogging last  night.  The "destruction" of the Eggplant Infinity didn't come until later in the evening, after I spent a couple of hours picking up, doing laundry and scrubbing my bathroom.  After Jonathan and I had dinner, I curled up on the couch to work on said scarf and well....something happened.  I don't know what or when or why exactly but the stitch was no longer working up like it had been.  I ripped out 2 very  long rows and repeated them - still not right.  In a moment of frustration I ended up with a controlled pile of purple yarn at my feet and I was starting from scratch.  I went back to a favorite pattern instead of trying to be innovative with my own version.  Now of course, I need to work at warp speed since I only have until Friday before this needs to be gifted....
Good thing DWTS is for 2 hours tonight - I'll take pictures of my progress by morning to share.

Hope everyone had a great weekend - Happy Monday!

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  1. You're welcome. :)

    Sorry you had to frog your scarf.