Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend accomplishments

I can not say that across the board I got a lot done this weekend...I should have spent more time working around the apartment than I did, but most if not all projects that I started were only about 75% completed. I did get a good deal of work done on crafts in my procrastination for all things work/cleaning related!

Saturday morning while catching up on Grey's and Private Practice from the past 2 weeks I got all those nasty little slippery ends woven in!

I almost did a little dance I was so excited to get to this point! I refrained and got to work on the border, which I insisted on having done before I would start unpacking!

FINALLYY FINISHED and I'm in love! I'm honestly very proud of myself as well. This is the most complex Granny Square pattern I've ever used, the first time I've joined squares as I worked (loved it!) and it's a project that's been on my mind forever and that I've had the yarn for FOREVER so it feels really great to have it done!! I think this one is going to Mom for her birthday in 2 weeks, I want to start the 2nd version with the thicker yarn first to see if that's really the one I want for me, or if I want to keep this one and give the thicker yarn one to her...Right now my plan is to start work on this during Rocky Horror Glee tomorrow :-)

I seem to be getting a hard time by a few over my listening to Christmas music so early this year. Part of my realization that I leave too many Christmas projects to the last minute means that I've already started making Christmas presents and decorations. I did some seriously damage at AC Moore on Saturday stocking up on red, white and green yarn. When you spend 2-3 hours working around the apartment but find yourself dreaming of your next project that you'd rather be working tend to enjoy the accompaniment of some Christmas music to make you work just a smidge faster!

Saturday evening I got the white finished and started on the leg (all 10" of it) though I didn't get too far before crashing (I had been awake since 5 a.m.....the curse of falling asleep at 8 p.m. on a Friday night!). AC Moore didn't have Red Heart Holiday in stock, but they did have this lovely stuff in LARGE "pound of love" skiens so I'm using that instead. Crocheting with 2 strands at all times means a couple of things:
1. NOTHING will be slipping out of this finished stocking, it's crazy tight and stiff
2. Since I just have 1 large skein of each color, I've had to wind small balls of each color for my 2nd strand slowing me down a bit
3. I'm not used to crocheting with 2 strands with a K hook so the tightness and stiffness slows me down and gives me hand cramps quicker than I would prefer.

Last night I made lots of progress while we watched "The Princess and the Frog" (don't judge, it's a REALLY cute movie. Jon and I both thoroughly enjoyed it, laughing at many makes me wonder why Disney is so adamant about only doing Pixar movies now a days, the classics are so much better!)
Anyway, here is what the stocking currently looks like, not exactly a "stocking" yet....all your gifts (or coal haha) would go flying right out the back!!

Last night I set my alarm for my new plan of getting crafting done in the morning before work...then I couldn't fall asleep for what felt like FOREVER... When my alarm went off this morning, I laid there an extra few minutes thinking about how nice and warm my bed was and how much I hated mornings...I then remember I was getting ready for work; unfortunately it turns out the "getting ready I was doing" was a was now an HOUR later than when I wanted to get up. This only gave me about 10 min to crochet this a.m. (I also ended up about 40 min late for work...seems when I have my mind on crafting nothing else matters!!)

The "stocking" now looks like this:

All things considered that slowed me down, it's coming together quite quickly actually. I'm hoping to finish it up tonight during DWTS inbetween all the laundry doing that must be done tonight!

OH...on Saturday night I all the sudden had the urge to switch back to Halloween vs. going forward with Christmas so I drew, cut out and started these little cuties

I cut out 4...planned to stitch 2 this year and keep the other 2 filed away for next year but this is all the further I've gotten...might need to focus on finishing up this little one and his friend tonight instead of I'm actually going to enjoy them this week :-)

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