Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's "finished" but I've been a bit uninspired...

Here she is in all of her lumpy, abstract glory! Yes, apparently this Christmas stocking is will have Holly on it after all!

I actually got this finished up on Monday evening while watching DWTS vs. the laundry I needed to do. Luckily every laundry room from 8-11 (floors of my building, not hours...) was busy, so I got to crochet instead.

My thoughts are that I should not have whip stitched so tightly or with the stocking inside out...I'm using that as my "excuse" for the lumpiness that I believe you can only see upclose. As for the weird shaping where it goes from leg to foot I'm stumped. I followed the pattern to a T and it's all funny looking...hopefully when there are presents in it this holiday season you won't notice.

I gave up Monday night when trying to make the Holly leaves because my first attempt didn't go too well. This morning I was getting ready for work and thought that maybe I'd just cut out Holly leaves from green felt and crochet the berries...I like this idea but I really feel that it's a bit of an early cop out...I haven't even tried to crochet a 2nd time when it's not dark out and I'm drained from spending 2 hours finishing the crocheting and stitching together at the end of a long work day, nor have I attempted to make out of regular green yarn that doesn't have the silver in it - I think this would make it easier to see what I'm doing... I feel the pattern and my crocheting abilities deserve at least the dignity of trying one more time...

Problem is since finishing that on Monday night I'm having a hard time focusing on one project and actually getting work on it done. I tried to finish the cats, a very simple project that I seem to be bored by. I also started the 2nd version of the Granny Square scarf on Tuesday night, but quit after the first of 16 squares. It looks good on the "thicker" (not really thicker, just non-slippery) yarn, it's definitely holding it's shape better....I'm just not in love with the country blue color that I for some reason bought instead of a greenish teal. I think I need to make an AC Moore trip for a different green/teal and possibly pull out a darker brown from my stash before going any further.

I also keep thinking about making blankets. I've got this craving to work on a couple of different patterns I have in mind for the holidays but don't want to start them until the cats are done for Halloween, the stocking has a Holly leaf and I've at least got some control on the Granny Squares and colors (this is a good project to travel with so I'm ok with not having it done before starting a blanket).

It wouldn't be completely out of character for me to just pull out a bag of pre-picked yarn for a blanket and just start in...but I haven't. Probably because it's been unseasonably warm at almost 80 degrees and very humid all week. They finally turned the heat on last Friday when it was freezing but it's not OUT OF CONTROL hot everywhere in my apartment. I have barely been able to sleep the past 2 nights and want NOTHING touching me because I constantly feel sticky. The balcony door has been open when possible but when it's super humid out (raining cats and dogs most of yesterday) and there is very little breeze this really doesn't do much of anything than continue to piss me off that I'm so hot and make me have to listen to unnecessary noise outside. Yes, I'm tired and hot, I'm cranky at ridiculous things this week.

Obviously no work before leaving for work has been done this week. Lack of sleep, unnecessary heat all the time and crankiness have made me barely care about getting to work on time.

Thankful for air conditioning in my car, the fact that my office is still freezing and that the temp is going down tomorrow....maybe once I get my work done this weekend I'll be in the mood to crochet again!

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  1. I made that pattern, too! In place of the holly berries, I put names on the cuff. It's so fun to see another version of it!