Friday, October 8, 2010

It's that time again = WDW 2010

Wow - I can't believe it's finally here! This morning I called Red Top and booked our cab for 6 a.m. tomorrow morning...taking us to the airport obviously!

This week has been a bit challenging for me.
1. I've been THRILLED to be working my first full official week as part of the Human Resources team! This has brought on some anxiety and stress in being my last week in the office before being out for 5 days and my first even day in HR in 6 weeks! I've struggled to get everything done and am down to the last 2 things on my to do list with 3 1/2 hours left before 5:30.
2. There is always so much work to get done before going on a trip. I worked basically non stop around the clock last weekend picking up, cleaning, organizing, decorating for Halloween, doing laundry and packing, and I thought that I'd have very little to do on week nights so that I could rest up and be ready for Disney! Well every night turned into a production that left me working non stop and by Wednesday I was becoming so stressed that I was no longer excited about Disney. This in turn made me VERY depressed and I almost broke down in tears at the nail salon on Wednesday night. Thank goodness for all the work off my to do list that I got done last night, I've been very excited all day today......this means getting focused work done has been all but impossible!

I've wondered all week long why I don't recall being this stressed out last year. I mean I was working at the same company, making the same trip - what could possibly be so different? Then, about 5 min ago I got on here and found my blog post that I remember typing up on my last day in the office last year before Disney. I remembering typing up a list of things I still needed to do and thought that might be beneficial to see today. The answer became clear very quickly why I was less stressed out last year - we left on Sunday, not Saturday! Now don't get me wrong, I'm actually thrilled to now see that we have a full extra day in Disney this year (now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure Jon told me this when we booked the trip....good thing I was listening :-) right? ha). It's totally making sense now why I was about to break down mid-week. I looked over the things I had to do last year as of Friday afternoon around this time and I planned on packing everything that night and then was going to clean and hang by the pool all day on

Now I wish they would let us go home early on this overly gorgeous fall day we're having! My co-workers want this to sit at a happy hour outside somewhere...I want this to go home and pack now and then do crafts all night to make up for my crazy ass week - ever the dork I am!

Have a great 9 days everyone, I'll be posting pictures via FB mobile uploads along the way to be sure to check 'em out!

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