Friday, October 29, 2010

I need your comments!

Ok, so I mentioned how I didn't like that lighter blue I started using for the 2nd Granny Square scarf I'm making. I also checked the brown vs. what was in the "stash" that I thought was darker and it turns out it's the same color!
Anyway, this morning I took a minute (or 5...) and dug through to find a darker teal that I was hoping to have. The last thing I need sitting around my apartment is a half used skein of yarn! I found a darker teal, it's Red Heart instead of Vanna's Choice, but actually after crocheting half of a square, I like how the center turned out so much that I'm thinking about switching over to all Red Heart...Please see below:

Unfortuantely it's kind of hard to tell the difference in the picture but on the square on the left, the blue is more of a "country blue" not teal at all. I ever think the darker teal makes the same brown look darker...weird.

I definitely like the darker teal (the Red Heart) on the right - I think it's because Red Heart isn't the softest yarn in the world and the "stiffness" once crocheted makes it hold the different stitches much better. I'm thinking that I may switch the cream over the Red Heart, if not all 4 colors as I would love to see if it would make the 2nd round "spokes" stand up more...if it doesn't, I'll go back to the Vanna's as it's softer for the cream, brown and pink (the blob of color sitting there...) and use the Red Heart teal (I'm fairly positive that Vanna's Choice does not come in a color that looks like this.

Please leave comments and let me know what you think! Now that the weather has finally cooled a bit to a normal fall temperature, I'm in the mood to craft once more!



  1. I'm a HUGE fan of Vanna's Choice but I agree, the darker teal looks better. It makes the whole square look richer.

  2. I think they both look fine. To get a true reading on the color, though, work both pieces up to the same point. The one on the left is going to look different because of the outer round of cream.