Thursday, October 21, 2010

I tend to procrastinate when it all seems too overwhelming....

We've been back from Florida since Sunday evening (got in the apt around 10:40 p.m.) and I've felt a bit overwhelmed by all that I could be updating on here....

First of all the vacation was AMAZING! As most of you already know, Jonathan proposed in front of Cinderella's castle on Saturday afternoon (10/9)!! The moment was truly amazing, I did not cry as many (including Jon and myself) thought I would have....instead I giggled for about 30 min....seriously could not stop laughing. Now I was not laughing in Jon's face like he likes to tell the story - I was CRAZY happy and that's just how the emotions came out....Jon also opened the box and the ring went flying out, through the fence and into the grass in front of the castle so while he was on his hands and knees looking for the ring before I'd even seen it, how could I not laugh and giggle! I ended up taking 930 pictures over the 9 days we were there and we had about 189 pictures on our photo pass so I have lots of work ahead of me to go through and get the ones I like the best posted on FB, and Picasa, and just hasn't happened yet. I also need to order my CD of the photo pass pictures so that I can post them as well - there are some really great ones, including those taken during the proposal - they're coming, just keep an eye out for them!

My crafting has stalled a bit over the last few weeks, which always makes me sad. Too much time had to be spent packing for the trip and now I'm so tired at work by the end of the day that I crash when I get home (not to mention the baking that had to be done Tuesday night and my nail appointment last night). I'm still working to finish up my Granny Square scarf that I'm absolutely in love with! Problem is I'm at the point where I have 8 tails times 15 squares that need to be woven in.....yes 120 crappy like 5" pieces of yarn that are making my life hell! I worked on this a bit on Monday during DWTS, but only got about 3 squares completed on commercial breaks before I was too annoyed to continue on. I'm thinking that this weekend when I'm looking for a break from cleaning that I'll welcome this awful task over cleaning :-) Once all the ends are in, I've just got to get a SC border on it which will be a piece of cake at that point.

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year again, and I have many projects in mind that I want to get completed for the holidays. Each year I bite off more than I can chew and find myself by around 12/20 cutting out those projects that will not be done in time and still around 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve/Day am sitting up wrapping that final gift that is finally finished. The last 2 years I've even sat at Grannie's on Christmas morning frantically crocheting while it's not my turn to open a gift so that I can go home and wrap these gifts before Christmas dinner! The stress of all this last year made me swear to get as many projects done in January as possible so that it wouldn't be as bad this year....well only 2 things got made before I wanted to move on to something spring like or just took a break from crafts in general. I'm still thrilled to have these 2 made - it's 2 less hats for me to make now! Problem in each day I read my favorite blogs and get my favorite crafty emails and end up with more and more fun ideas that I wish working on could be my full time job! Since I started sewing this summer as well I've also purchased a great deal of material to sew gifts with on top of the standard crocheting and plastic canvas projects. It also doesn't help that all of my family members have many scarves at this point so projects have moved on to afghans and pillows which take much longer to make! After I get everything unpacked this weekend and the apt cleaned, I'm seriously spending as much time as possible over the next 7 weekends to get it all done at least before my birthday this year....I'll keep you updated as I go along, and will hopefully have pictures to share as I do!

Speaking of pictures, here are some of the Granny Square scarf that's giving me so much grief, from back when I was just having fun making the squares

As you can see in the last picture (bottom row right) how many tails there were just at 4 squares....this is the first pattern I've ever used where you join the squares as you make them and while I was hesitant of enjoying that at first it's been really great...I just think I should have taken the time to weave in my ends along the way too....maybe next time (yes, I love the pattern and colors so much I've already purchases similar colors in a different brand of yarn....which is a bit less slippery so weaving in will probably be better 2nd time around!)
P.S. Thanks to everyone for their congratulations to Jon and I! It means a lot to see so many people happy for us! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

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