Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eating your Colors

I think this is a phrase that we're all heard at one point or another.  You can find articles all over the internet about it as well.

No; the dinner I made this evening doesn't really follow this idea the way it was intended.  But we still ate a color-ful dinner, that was too pretty (and yummy) to not share!

Please note:
RED sweet pepper
ORANGE sweet pepper
YELLOW sweet pepper
GREEN squash (the zucchini in the fridge was getting old and the skin had seen better days, it had to go!)
BLUE cheese (fine, it's Gorgonzola...)
PURPLE uhhhh.... well, my shallot ended up being purple so we'll go with that
WHITE - chopped garlic, Mozzarella cheese and Ranch dressing

Everything was added to a cheesy Gluten Free pizza crust from our freezer (along with some RED pepper flakes mixed with the Ranch, and some fresh ground BLACK pepper on the zucchini), and baked for about 11 minutes at 375

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