Saturday, January 5, 2013


I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas season and New Years with your family and friends!  Sorry to be away for so long, but between the projects I was finishing for gifts [which couldn’t be shared at the time], and the hustle and bustle all through the month of December there just wasn’t time to write anything down!

What have I been up to you ask?

December 6th – Jonathan had surgery on his wrist

December 7th-9th – weekend trip to Colonial Williamsburg, VA with our friends Aimee and Grant

December 14th – our 8th Annual Christmas/my Birthday party at the apartment

December 15th – Jonathan took me to see “White Christmas” at the Kennedy Center for my birthday

December 18th – Happy Birthday to me!!  We went to see the National Christmas tree after work, and then returned home where Jonathan made me a very yummy steak dinner

December 19th – Jonathan and I did a Holiday Tour of the White House

December 21st – drove home to WNY for Christmas (including the final stretch in Winter Strom Draco)

December 23rd – family birthday dinner for my Grannie and I

December 24th-25th – traditional Christmas Eve/Christmas Day running around and general holiday merriment with our families

December 26th – finally succumb to all of the flu/cold germs I’d been around over the past month.  Spent 4 days with a fever and chest cold doing next to nothing.  Thank goodness my Momma was there to take care of me.  No one can take care of you when you’re sick like your Momma.  By December 28th, Momma was sick with me L

December 31st – NYE dinner with Jonathan at Peek ‘n Peak Resort (where we had our wedding reception)

January 1st – drove back to Maryland

January 2nd – returned to work

Yes, I really did find time in all of that to crochet, and sew, and do a teeeeeeny bit of baking!  Even with a fever I was crocheting (I had to do something, I hated that I was “wasting” vacation days being sick!!)  It was a little slow going due to the napping and snotty/coughing situation, but I still managed to make 2 large cowls and started a scarf.

Every night this week when I have gotten home and I have pretty much crashed out the couch for the night.  My very sweet husband, as always, really knows his audience when buying gifts and he got me a Roku box for Christmas.  We set it up on Wednesday night and I just lay there nightly now flipping through everything we have access to watch [thanks to Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime]!

I hope to get my December/Christmas-time pictures organized on my laptop this weekend in order to order prints, so hopefully I will remember to post pictures of all the Christmas gifts I made and have now gifted and can share!


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family Holly Louise - and a (belated) Happy Birthday to you. :)

  2. I love that Roku! My husband has it set up for us too, and there are just so many choices. Very cool. Looks like y'all had a great Christmas! Your hubby is so cute. ;)

  3. Had a peek at your pics and was so taken with the trip to the White House.. Great pics and all that snow at Christmas.. :)) Do you and Granny share the same B'day??
    Hugs pat :))