Friday, April 27, 2012


Does anyone else struggle with making decisions on a craft project that they’re planning to keep for themselves vs. gifting?

I always tend to have this problem.  It’s why I have purchased yarn that I love for about 10 afghans for myself and have started, oh I don’t know, probably an additional 5!

Yes, sometimes the work on a project for myself has to be stopped in order to make a gift, but otherwise, the reason I don’t have my own crocheted afghan is just cause I can’t seem to handle the “pressure” when I know I’m going to keep it!  I’ve made around 10 afghans at this point, and they’re always gorgeous.  Once I settle on a pattern and yarn I never second guess and I never rip out days of work.

I thought I’d finally gotten past this with the afghan that I’m currently working on!  I bought the yarn for CHEAP and wanted something to lay over me when I’m sitting on the balcony and it’s chilly.  My first plan for the pattern, as I already mentioned was for horizontal stripes.  I’m pretty proud of myself for not ripping everything out to make the width shorter and settled opted for vertical stripes.  Next, my reps for the pattern of blue and green didn’t work out (too short across my legs), but I adjusted that last night and I am happy with what I came up with.

Here’s what I have (about 8 rows to add total for what I last night was considering “done).  It’ll be perfect if my legs are stretched out…here’s the problem:

Yes, that’s my butt covered in flamingos (and bare feet!) when I’m lay on my side with my legs curled up if I pull the other edge over enough to cover my knees…..

I’m a tall girl (5’9”) and I’ve learned from experience that afghans always need to be made bigger than you originally think, but I’m a bit stumped (big surprise, right?) as to what I want to do.  Sure, I have enough yarn to continue my pattern and make a nice big afghan that works both when my legs are stretched straight, or I’m curled up for snuggling – problem is I wanted this small enough that it doesn’t drag all over my balcony floor (tends to get gritty and covered in dirt easily)

Here’s hoping that once these last 8 rows have been added I’m happy with the size – I’m ready to move onto something else this weekend!


  1. the bigger the better if you ask me!

  2. Hopefully the 8 more rows you're planning will do the job. Are you planning on adding some type of border? :)

  3. I think it's coming along great. It looks so pretty. I like the colors your picked.