Wednesday, April 4, 2012


You're all already seen a quick sneak peak of a couple of my recently completed projects (shown above), but I did want to share them with you in a bit more detail today.

This lone PEEP is the only one makes an appearance this Easter season.  I have bodies ready to go for 5 more, but given how long the sc around each piece, the sewing on of the eyes and nose and the sewing together/stuffing took that I quit!  Don't worry, everything at this point has been bagged up with my notes for future WIP work - I just can't sew Peeps ANY longer!!!  I also need to order some more of the pink yarn to finish them up, so hopefully by next spring I'll have more loving feelings towards there little guys again.  They are so cute I can't stand it, but I'm not gonna lie - last night I was pretty darn excited to put them away for the time being!

"Pinky" is currently in the mail and on his (her?) way to WNY.  I'm hoping the package arrives by tomorrow so Pinky can be enjoyed over Easter weekend!  Aren't these just the CUTEST?!?!?!  

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to have been invited to 2 bridal showers back home.  Sadly I could not make the trip home, but I tried my best to send a little something personal (to me) to each of them.  For the one shower, my mom, Grannie and myself went in on a gift together - one of my favorite wedding gifts was an Ice Cream maker!  I don't use it nearly as much as I'd like to, but it's used quite a bit and always makes very yummy ice cream!  My hope is that the bride-to-be will enjoy hers as much as I love mine!

For the 2nd shower, I crocheted the following:

This was my first attempt at making potholders and I've gotta say - I'm hooked (more on that tomorrow!)

and yes, I'm ignoring how cheesy my hooked "joke" line is above - seriously, I have no better word for addicted (yes, that's the word I should have used!) I am to making these now


  1. Very cute! I love the peep! Adorable!

  2. The peep is very cute - how big is it? :)

  3. So cute. I can't wait to see your pot holders. I haven't made any yet, but I want to. It will be nice to read about yours.

  4. The peep bunny is so cute!

    Have you had any peeps lately (the candy)? They seem...different now.

  5. Holly the pot holders are the only think i know how to make at the moment and i love them! i can make a few in one evening! Perhaps I should branch out? I have been stock piling them for when my self or mom or grandma have a shower to go to! They are so fun and fast!!