Thursday, February 24, 2011


Sometimes the strangest things keep me up at night.  Last night I woke up around 3 a.m. laid there realizing that I hadn't linked my pattern for my new blanket here yesterday.....not exactly life and death important here, but it kept me up for a bit.

This is the pattern that I'm using for my blanket (that I'll be keeping for ME)  I did not make much progress last night.  If anyone has any tips/suggestions for making puff stitches as they are to be made on this pattern PLEASE let me know!!  I spent over an hour last night trying this, getting out my stitch pattern book and trying every kind of bobble, puff, and popcorn they talked about.  I got about halfway across the first row using a bobble (5 dc).  I like it, but of course I'm always going to have a right and wrong side to this afghan how, which I don't know how I feel about quite yet.

If someone can tell me between now and 6:30 tonight a better way to make a puff I will seriously be your new best friend!  My issue has been that by the time I get alllllllllllllllllll those loops on my hook, I find it IMPOSSIBLE to pull through 8 loops!  I've tried to do this "looser" but have not been successful.

Still no interesting picture to post....

Maybe this is why I rarely make things for myself, I over analyze to the point where I'm rarely happy with what I"m making for myself.  I'm not this critical when I make things for other people (which sounds really rude of me) but everything always turns out great and makes me wish I was keeping it for myself!


  1. 8 loops is a lot to pull through! I don't think I'd have the patience to do that over and over again. Maybe you could try a bigger hook? That might help make the stitches a bit looser and easier to pull through. Also, what type of hook are you using? I have tried plastic before but I found that I couldn't pull through stitches well at all. I used aluminum hooks, it makes stitching go much smoother.

  2. Hi Casey - thanks for the advice! I ended up frogging the whole thing on Saturday...just not happy with the texture at all. Have gone back to my standard peephole chevron that I always use! I'm mid-baby blanket right now though so I didn't touch it at all yesterday.

    I do use plastic hooks most of the time, I'm not a big fan of the aluminum with how humid it is here in DC/MD, my yarn always ends up squeaky with aluminum! I have them and use them on small projects if the size is right but it's not my go to!