Monday, February 28, 2011

oh MAN!

I forgot to take pictures this a.m.!  *sigh*
Ok, so to say that I was running late this a.m. would be the understatement of at least the week!  Good golly I could not get my shiz together today!  So many things I should have been doing during the commercial breaks of the Oscars....and one of them was taking pictures of what I made/was working on yesterday!

First of all.  I gave up on my "textured" afghan.  Saturday afternoon I wasn't in the best mood and had a funky feeling towards by bobbles so away they went!  I started back over with my favorite peephole chevron that I've used a lot (I just did the math to make it 8 stitches vs. 6 or 4 like I've done in the past).  I'm still using the same color combo and order as I was planning before, but haven't gotten as far yet as what I still no picture to share!

I'm totally not ready for babies yet, but I love baby yarn and making baby gifts!  1.  they're smaller :-) 2. the yarn is so darn soft, like ALWAYS and 3. it's all so cute!!  I've made this set before, about 3 years ago now and it was gender neutral.  I've also made a couple additional hats w/o the blanket, which was what my plan was yesterday.  As the hat was almost finished I was so in love with the "little boy blue" yarn that I was using (Vanna's Choice Baby) that I decided to make the little bar seat blanket as well!  Of course, I didn't originally buy enough "little boy blue" for this so I'm not almost out of blue, but the finished project is already looking SO GOOD!  By the way the pattern I'm using if from my fav crochet book that taught me FINALLY how to crochet almost 5 years ago now.  Sorry I can't get to an exact picture to show, and I'm not even sure what the pattern is called off the top of my head today....maybe I'll be more prepared tomorrow!

My plans had been to share my progress with you today, stop at AC Moore tonight for more blue yarn and then have a finished product to share and mail out by the end of the week.  Well, I forgot to take pictures and we're under all these crazy Tornado warnings for the evening commute which I'm not really in the mood to drive him.  Ideally I'd like to get home before the hail starts......but yea, not a very successful attempt at sharing or blogging today - sorry.

Blame the rain and my lack of sleep due to the only so-so Oscars last night.

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