Friday, February 11, 2011

NEXT weekend

I know right?  2 posts back to back?  hold onto your chairs ladies and gentlemen it's pure madness!

I had to write just a quick 2nd post about this event that I'm participating in next Friday night.  It's actually exactly how I planned on spending tonight, but I'm not ashamed to be like this 2 Fridays in a row!
This week I'm so exhausted that I can barely hold my head up and think so there was no way I had any plans to do anything tonight other than sit on the couch in jammies.  I have 2 birthday presents that I need to get done by Monday (Sunday night really so I can wrap them) and given all that I said I want to do this weekend in my last post, I think it's best that I get some work done on these it usually is for me, crafting becomes a bit of "work" up against a deadline like a birthday, or a birthday that happened a week and a half ago :-S

There is always the possibility that I'll get home, change, have a drink and dinner and do nothing other than play Wii and pass out early :-)

have a great weekend everyone!

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