Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the start of something new (and big!)

I seem to be in a bit of a "funk" as far as getting going on a project since the holidays.  yes, that sounds ridiculous, it's almost March and I'm still not over all the craziness that was last minute crafting for Christmas.  Forget about getting up early to continue the crocheting to the Today show before work - most days I'm lucky if I wake up in time the shower...don't worry I've moved to showering at night and wearing my hair up  most days, I promise I don't smell funny.

I also keep realizing that I never posted pictures of Jon's finished blanket.  I finished it towards the end of January while Jon was in Belize but this is what happens when I decide to want better quality pictures on my camera vs. my phone (i.e. I never upload the pictures onto my computer so that I can share them).  In case you haven't noticed, I never blog on the weekends, I'm rarely on my laptop at night or on the weekends.  After spending 40+ hours a week starting at this box at work, I have zero desire when I get home at night.....has made some of the wedding planning a bit tricky, but I'm trying to be better and at least continue the planning at night when I get home!

So this is already getting a bit long winded.....sorry about that.  The point of my title today is that I think I didn't a bigger project to really be excited about!  I made some scarves for me in January and did finish up Jon's blanket.  Then February has been a bit of a mess.  I made the birthday presents I showed you all in my last post, but other than that all I've really done since re-organizing my yarn stash is keep wanting to make something with the yarn I've rediscovered, but never get started, finish something or have the energy for everything in between.  I just have so many great ideas while I sit here on my lunch each day.  I print patterns and go home in the intentions of making it a better night.  Then I get home, have dinner and I can't make the yarn colors work for the pattern I'm looking at.  You saw my stash, I have no good reason to buy ANY yarn right now.  So I give up, curl up on the couch with Jon and just try to relax from the craziness that is work in 2011 and wedding planning at the same time (seriously, planning a wedding that's happening 400 miles from where you work and live is more than a full time job, and I already had one of those before getting engaged) 164 days to go and every day it's always something new.  I'm trying to stay positive and enjoy it while it lasts, I'm only doing this once and don't want to look back and regret not enjoying the planning.

Ok, honestly, I'm not going to ramble on anymore about the afghan I started last night.  I have no pictures to show, it's only 2 1/2 rows and still the first color of the pattern.  It took about an hour of online searching to come up with this baby, and now I'm looking forward to working on it more and seeing how it looks in my colors of ILTY (which was purchases to be a blanket back in pattern in mind other than a ripple back in August so I'm pretty happy with what I picked).

I really think working towards something bigger like this for me is going to be great.  Jon constantly expresses how much he likes the blanket I made him (honest I'll get pictures up one of these days) and I really enjoy using it.  I'm hoping to enjoy having something this special made by me for me and that this will help me pick it up each day and work on it just a bit more.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I'm enjoying how fast the week is flying by when I didn't work on, if I only had all the work I need to have done at this point done!

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