Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weekend wrap up

I wish I had a better excuse....I'd even be happy to give you all a different excuse other than work, life and the wedding taking up so much time, and leaving me so busy that it's already Thursday afternoon and I have yet to post pictures of what I made over the weekend!  *sigh.  The reality is that this is unlikely to change in the next 5'll likely get worse as we get closer to the wedding, but I'm going to try my best for at least 1 post a week.  After all, I still sit and ready each of your blogs during lunch each day, and I always have ideas rolling around in my head that I plan to go home and work on, but more often than not I'm too exhausted when I get home to pick up a project, or if I do carve out some time to crochet, I don't get as much done as I used to (sleepy minds and body make for slower fingers)

I had already missed one birthday on my team back on February 3rd (of all people our MD, and I felt terrible about it!)  We also had a birthday on Valentine's Day so I believe I mentioned in my last post that I planned to have gifts for both them of when I came into work this week.

The stress of work, life and wedding planning resulted in what turned into a KILLER migraine on Saturday morning (bad enough that my forehead was bruised Sunday morning) so not enough house work got done, and zero crafting got done until Sunday evening.....not even close to what I had planned way back on Friday afternoon.

These spa clothes went to our MD.  I had made that set for 4 for my boss during Secret Santa and she was really amazed by them, so I knew she would enjoy them possibly more than a scarf, etc.  My first intentions were to make 4 in different colors, then 4 in 2 sets of color and ended up with these 2 that match.  I just didn't have another 2 hours to give to them.....she loved them either way so as I expected it may be, it turned out just fine!

This scarf, using my favorite pattern, was for a Recruiter who had fallen in love with my Infinity Scarf and always talks about wanting to learn how to crochet and how much she loves homemade gifts.  This is actually a "sea blue", the picture is a bit dark I know....sorry about that.  I honestly worked until after 11:30 p.m. on Sunday night finishing the scarf and spa cloths and then got up early on Monday morning to sew in ends, take pictures and wrap them so just not enough time to redo (or even look to see how poor of a job my camera phone was doing!)  She LOVED this too - I really hope that she's still working with us come Dec and that I get her for Secret Santa this year - I already have her gift picked out!

I've collected a list of birthdays for the team, 1 to make some soft of baked good and 2 so I can keep making small little gifts for everyone.  I think it's going to be spa cloths primarily for those with last spring/summer birthdays.  It's fun to have a variety of people to be gifting my work to as it gives me an opportunity to use some patterns that I normally wouldn't have anyone to make something for, allows me to buy yarn I wouldn't usually buy AND I supposed I should be using the yarn in my stash first ;-)

Just found out that Jon wants to go out with the boys tomorrow night after work.  Worked out perfectly, I was kind of dreading the conversation of telling him how this was what I planned to do tomorrow after work! It's funny how frequently we're on the same page w/o talking most days <3

Oh these are my Valentine's Day roses too, I'm a bit behind on so much!

Ok, I think I should pop off my heels and go for a quick walk in our 70 degree weather today in DC - if nothing else, stop up to Starbucks for an ice coffee!

Final side note - Maybe what I really need to do is try to write something up over the weekend when I at least don't have work getting in the way....

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  1. Great scarf! Very pretty color.

    Angie -