Thursday, January 6, 2011

What an amazing pick me up!

first of all - My WIP post for yesterday is still a WIP..... :-(  work has been so busy this week that my head is literally going in full 360's for around 10 hours straight in the office.  By the time I got home last night I did not have the brain fuction necessary to type (I could barely kick Jon's butt at Mario Kart! ;-) haha)

This morning has been about 15x busier and just at the moment I thought I was on the verge of tears I happened to notice that I had one new notification on Facebook.  Taking a 30 second break to stop myself from breaking down I saw that a good friend had tagged me in a post!  I love it when people think of me on Facebook so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I was tagged in this!  Thanks to the exhaustion and stress from work lately I seriously almost burst into tears at the nice things Sarah had to say about me!  Sarah and I first met waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day of Marching Band competitions (even though we were from different high schools) and a mutual love of someone from my HS who we'll refer to today (and forever really) as "younger".  I never knew Sarah was a sewer or knitter until probably 6 months ago, but I have really enjoyed reading her blog and seeing all that she's been up to! 
I have a hard time believing I'm the age I am and not still 16 but either way, I'm always surprised to find someone my age who enjoys crafting as much as I do....turns out there are actually quite a few of us!  I've crafted my entire life and for a very long time it was something I was embarrased about.  These were of course my Jr./Sr. High years and I was embarrased about pretty much everything.  There came a point when I was in college that I said "fuck it" to a lot of people over a lot of things that people never seemed to really like about me.  My personality, and my crafts are who I am.  In the almost 9 years since I've graduated from High School and even more in the almost 7 years since I graduated from college I've realized there are amazing people out there who I now call my friends who like me for just the person I am!  Sarah was always one of those people though, and now we have even more in common than our High School days!  I love reading Sarah's blog because each time she knits something new I know it's probably a pattern and technique she's never tried before as a new knitter and she does AMAZING work!  I haven't seriously knit in about 4 years now so each time Sarah posts a picture of something else she's mastered it's made me realize that I'm giving up far too easily on something just because it's "harder" and "takes longer" than crocheting!  Thank you Sarah Trostle for challenging me to be an even better crafter!

I mentioned the other night that I had some tricks up my sleeve.....I was going to share them with you in my WIP post this week.  I hope to write this post during my lunch break this afternoon but I'll give you a hint - the 2 projects I'm currently working on include a pattern I've never tried before and a pair of knitting needles ;-)

.....stay tuned!

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