Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'll add it to my to do list

I sat here this morning procrastinating on the unpacking I should have been doing by working to finish a scarf I had been crocheting during the Christmas season rush (that I ended up not giving as a gift).  I did finally get up and do some unpacking, but then sat back down to have a lunch time snack.....this was when I started seeing news reports about Congresswomen Giffords of Arizona.  I turned on CNN about an hour ago and I'm still sitting here watching while they continue to get conflicting accounts as to whether or not she has been killed and I picked up my crocheting for something to do with my hands during such a sad and horrible time.

Then I ran out of yarn.  I can't remember if I 2nd skein was purchased so now I must dig through my stash and see what I've got before ordering anything else from Hobby Lobby I don't need....sigh

My thoughts and prayers are with Congresswomen Gifford's family, friends and her staff today...

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