Friday, January 14, 2011

Still Relevant

I'm a day "late".....I took these pictures yesterday morning but never had a chance to post yesterday.  I did ZERO crocheting last night after work or this morning before work so these pictures are basically like the past 24 hours never happened (and given the way things have been over the past 24 hours, I'm really ok with that) I'm not pregnant, I'm only late in posting this post!

First of all, here is the cream Infinity scarf I was talking about earlier this week.

I've been wearing it all week and it's very warm and of course soft because it's BAMBOO!  I'm also sort of using this as a "guinea pig" against my new red pea coat.  Something about a red dress that I wear at Christmas time always turns the gel on my nails red, which translates into a pink-tipped French manicure.  I had my nails done again at home and after wearing the coat at Christmas I noticed my nails doing the same thing again!  I'm scared to carry a good purse that's not black right now until I know where else I'm transferring far so good - the scarf is still cream!

As I promised myself, I did go straight home on Wednesday night and ripped out my bad work on the mittens.  I sat watching the Memorial Service in AZ and ended up with these before it was over:

I usually take my pictures quickly in the morning before work, so having something completed to take a picture while someone was home (i.e. Jon) to take a picture of me wearing the mittens was very fun for me!  I love these and can't wait to make another pair!  The pattern (which I posted on Wednesday) actually calls for a solid color of a bulky yarn so I think I'm going to try that next with the size hook the pattern suggests.  I'm lucky to have narrow hands or these wouldn't have fit me.  I also had to add quite a few rows to compensate for my abnormally long fingers and hands, and due to the fact that I wanted them to come up past my wrist a bit.  I may have to switch back to my cream coat this weekend JUST so I can wear these to and from the car LOL...after all red and pink together are a bit of a NO-NO in my book!

I still have 2 skeins of the pink jacquard yarn, but after multiple attempts to come up with a way to crochet a scarf and/or hat with it, I've given up and realized that I need to knit something to truly benefit from the built in pattern of this yarn.  That being said I thought an Infinity scarf in Stockinette stitch would be something different that the norm.  Also a challenge because I've yet to master circular I found a pair, sat down and thought that I would for sure be able to start this.....I cast on and knit one row before I was stumped.  I was too lazy to get up and get my new knitting book for more instructions so I quit that after 1 row and moved onto something crocheted instead.

This is my favorite yarn in the whole wide world!!  It's soft, the colors are yummy and it carries a great deal of weight and warmth when worked up.  I made a skinnier scarf out of pink and green for my mom a couple of years ago and then made the same style out of just pink of me.  While I love it and it's very warm for such a thin scarf, I'm just not really into the whole "thin scarf" craze anymore.  I bought 5 skeins of this on sale from JoAnns online the other week when I had free shipping.  After working with my favorite lighted K hook and Marie Anne's pattern, which has quickly become a favorite of mine, I had this:
Just like Marie Anne says in her post, you really can make a lot of different looks with this pattern just depending on what yarn and size hook you use!
I was unsure about it at first but the more I've crocheted the more I LOVE IT!  This is at the end of one skein (which explains the short little tail up by the hook).  The only problem with my favorite yarn would be that the skeins are so small and it's definitely not cheap yarn for the oz. you get.  It should only take me 4 skeins to make a scarf (still undecided about sewing it together to make an Infinity) which will leave me with one remaining skein in the same dye lot to make a hat to match!

Even better yet (could it get any better than a pretty pink Bamboo scarf?!?!) this pink matches perfectly with the Jacquard mittens so I have a fun mix and match set.....well multiple sets actually :-)

I plan on doing some serious crocheting over the weekend and through next week while my momma is in town!  Jon's headed to Belize and it's a great time to bring out lots of projects and get started on all the ideas in my head w/o worrying about the mess I'm making.  I'll also have Mom there to help me decide what looks good, etc.  We're also off to do Wedding dress shopping (!!!) this weekend so most of Sunday and Monday will be spent at the bridal shops picking out mom's dress, my bridesmaid dresses and god-willing finding my dress (seriously !!!!!!!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful crafty weekend where they can stay indoors and STAY WARM!

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  1. Yay! Are you going to post pictures of the dress shopping? Have fun!

    Love the scarf!