Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RIP and another snowstorm

Over the weekend my mom and I lost a close friend who was near and dear to our hearts.  Cindy passed unexpectedly on Saturday evening so it was a shock for all that were touched by Cindy's kind heart and warm smile.
Her son made this wonderful tribute to his Mom which was shown at the viewing last night.  Thure did a wonderful job and I cried and laughed through all 6 minutes of it.

We love and miss you Cindy!!

We are gearing up for another snow storm here in DC.  We've had no where near the snow we had last year but this one looks to be the biggest yet.  They're calling for snow totals anywhere from 3-8 or more inches of snow depending on where in the metro are you are, and where the "snow bands" end up sitting!  Coming from WNY and those of you reading this in WNY are thinking "that's not a storm!!"  Well it is in DC.  Most drivers down here can't handle rainy conditions so all hell really breaks lose when it snows!  This morning we had gotten around 3" over night, but it has started to rain on the snow early this a.m......they schools shut down for the day.  Between what was still being treated on the roads and the pending doom of the evening commute tonight they didn't even do a 2 hour delay!  Around 11 a.m. OPM announced that the Federal Government is urging people to leave work 2 hours early and many offices have already made the decision to close down at 3 p.m.  This means we have also been given this option and I plan on taking them up on it and am leaving at 3:30.  They're calling for around 2" per hour starting at 4 with 1/4 mile visibility.  Not something I want to commute 8 miles uphill in!  Leaving work early and the fact that there is a possibility that the city shuts down tomorrow means everything has to be packed up and brought home with me today.  Laptop, paperwork, contact phone numbers, etc.  I'll spend more time packing it up to take it home and setting everything back up once in the office again that I will spend on my computer at home I fear.....

Safe travels to all those on the East coast who will need to drive over the next 36 hours!

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