Monday, November 10, 2008

A good pick-me-up on a Monday afternoon

Now, I'm sure everyone saw this initial site like 3 weeks ago and thought it was funny. But now, now it is something to share!
We can only pray that it will be NEVER and I'm quite terrified of the fight we'll have on our hands in 4 years, but for now we can laugh at what a jackass she truly is and maybe if we pass this around to enough people, all those who "love" her and start to realize what I know I have seen since August! The questions she was asked were fair, she was just unable to answer them!

I'm not sure that I have much more to say today except to share what is posted above.
My weekend was quite nice - Jon seems to finally be close to a normal US sleep schedule after a week back in the States.
*Highlight of my weekend: Jon made me breakfast in bed and coffee yesterday morning!!! <3 Oh how my heart fills! Yes it's nothing expensive or that fancy, but it was wonderful!
He also gave me his sore throat - I can only hope that he takes better care of me than I did to him! I wasn't the nicest, caring girlfriend last week due to my own lack of sleep, yes I do realize this Jonathan!

Oh it has also been confirmed by my boss that I lose my sense of humor when I'm sick. I don't believe he likes me when I'm not funny because about an hour ago he came to this conclusion that the only time I'm not funny is when I'm sick so I should just go home......interesting.

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