Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack Obama Elected President

What a historic night! Barack Obama is the projected President. I don't know if there is a way to express how amazing it has been since last night to be in DC for this historic election.
Starting yesterday around 4:30, I realized how excited I was for today, I realized that I felt like I was 8 years old again and that it was Christmas Eve. There has been an electricity in the air all day today and I've sat here since 7 p.m. watching as each set of polls closed and CNN discussed at 1% where both stood, at 0% a projected win and we all sat here and watched Obama's numbers climb. Working in Virgina, living so close to Virgina I was looking forward to seeing this swing for the first time in 44 years, and it happened at 11 p.m. as they called this election for Barack Obama. We all raised our glasses (or beer bottles) to cheer to Obama and it was stated "we will never forget this moment" and I can guarantee that I will never forget this!

I talk of the vibe you felt in DC these last 2 days, so we open my door and you can hear the people from blocks away screaming and cheering. Naturally we all start screaming and start creating our own upset of shouting, screaming and cheering and it was incredible. A once in a lifetime opportunity to be here with friends and experience something so amazing.

I now sit here at 11:19, listening to McCain's speak. Of course I am BEYOND excited to know that I'm seeing his, Cindy McCain, Sarah and Todd Palin's face is over. I get angry right now as McCain speaks gracefully about calling Obama to congratulate him and the republicans stand there and BOO! Democrats would never do something so disgraceful. I look forward to never hearing the words "my friends" and "maverick" from John McCain or Sarah Palin's lips.

I sit here now waiting for Obama's speech. We all know how amazing his speeches have been in the past - I can't wait. There seems to be a theatrical pause as we all wait to here from Obama, I will have to post more on my feelings on the speech later, or tomorrow morning :-)

The campaign is over, the mud slinging between the 2 parties is over, there will be do upset and recounting like the last 2 elections have brought us. It's a happy ending for all of us who knew where the true CHANGE would come from. I think of Obama's grandmother, looking down upon him tonight and I am saddened that she did not live to see this amazing, historic moment. She was surely so proud of him. And of course, I think of our beloved Fernando that we lost today. Fernando would talk of how great seeing this happen would be and Fernando I hope that you know that you were with us tonight and I wish that you had been here to watch this part of our history, I have no doubt you have looked down upon us tonight, Budweisers in hand :-) I will miss your smiling face in the lobby each night.

Night ya'll - RIP Fernando <3>

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