Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sneak Peak Sunday

As always, I like to pick a Super Bowl project - you know for crocheting during the game.  I need something to keep me busy so I'm awake during the commercials....yup, it's the one time of year you say something like that!

I was SUPER excited about this years project earlier this afternoon!  It leads in nicely as a pre-Olympics where if it didn't get finished tonight, I could easily finish it up during the Opening ceremonies.

I even posted about it on Facebook during the first half of the game.

So where's your sneak peak picture, you ask?


All I can offer this evening is the knowledge that 3 hours of work has been frogged and rewound.  Totally discouraging night of crocheting.  

Could someone please rewind the clock so I can try again?


  1. Don't feel bad, we are in the same boat. Was all exited to get my current project finished, but ended up doing more frogging and redoing because nothing was coming out. It happens at times. Just think, you will make something much better next time and than you have lots to show.
    Have a lovely day, Erika

  2. UGH! Don't you hate that?!! I had a Superbowl project too, but I only got about 1/3 of the way through it. It's made with DK yarn so it's taking forever.

    1. YES.I.DO! here's hoping for a better night of crocheting this evening ;-)

  3. Didn't frog mine yet but not happy with the way it lays. The photo of the Hampton cowl for toddlers is so cute..... Mine not so much!