Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spa Cloths - harder than they should be?

What is it about a final project that only measures 8"x8" that has to take so long? Seriously if I was making a scarf, I would get SO MUCH MORE done in almost 2 hours that just a little square with trim. But, that's how long it took me to make just one of these last night....almost 2 hours!

100% cotton yarn is very soft, but it seems as though the process of crocheting with it is difficult for me. I am remembering this from past experiences and am now wondering why I thought it would be a good idea to have around 10 of these on my Christmas gift list to get made....maybe I just need to spend some more time trying to find a non-metal size G hook because I am starting to think that maybe my acrylic one would be better, maybe not, but I'm willing to try anything at this point to make the process go buy faster than 2 hours per cloth....your comments and suggestions are welcome :-)

I think tonight I'm moving on to sewing for a bit. I have some gifts for my Momma's birthday that I need to get done before heading home for Thanksgiving in 1 week! YAHOO for a nice long weekend at home (with the family AND wedding planning details!!!) - it is after all my first time home for Thanksgiving in 6 years!


  1. I've found that Susan Bates hooks tend to work better (and therefore faster) for me than Boye hooks. I'm not entirely sure why, but I use them pretty much exclusively now.

    Also, I think some of the washcloth patterns are, by nature, more tightly crocheted with less "holes" in them. That might be why they're taking you longer, too.

    Just some thoughts! Don't know if it's any help. I hope you're able to get them done!

    (You could always bump up to a Size H hook, but the finished product is a bit looser. That's not always what you're looking for in a washcloth.)

    I look forward to seeing your finished products!

  2. Your spa cloths are turning out really nice but I do understand the time constraints. Sounds like you are going to have a great time with family this year. Very nice!

  3. It takes me about 40 min to do an 8x8 cloth with a heavy plastic hook. Not sure why you'd have more trouble with metal, but I've never liked metal hooks.

    They're very pretty cloths, though. Love the color choices.