Monday, November 15, 2010

C'est Fini

I'm always so excited when I complete a large craft project. When I have all of the ends woven in as well I feel as though it's cause for celebration!

Yesterday I completed my "Baby Girl Hexagon Blankie" that I started last Tuesday!

The picture is a bit blurry because I was standing on the couch this morning to get a clear shot of the full blanket...apparently I wasn't a steady as I thought I was ;o) The blanket is actually about 3 feet across, definitely something that the baby can grow into....which I felt was important. Everyone makes blankets and buys clothing for the newborn which don't last very long. This blanket is big enough to be a lapghan for me (minus the bottom of my legs/feet sticking out) so I think that she'll be able to enjoy it as a toddler as well!

I whined and complained through the last 4 rows and 2 rows of the border on this one. I hate that when you make one big hexagon or square the larger it gets, the loooooooooonger it takes to get all the way around again! I then of course cried and pouted through the weaving in of aaaaaaaaaaaall those ends too. Again I'm going to ask why it is that I insist on making these projects with all many ends to weave in at the end? I'm seriously considering paying people in cookies to do this part for me! It was getting late (only around 8 but since it's dark at 6 these days it seemed like it was about 10) and I had been working on this non stop ("NO BREAKS!" Heather says) since about 2. I'd had it with crafting for the day but knew that if I stopped it would be forever before those ends were taken care of....seriously the lapghan of the same colors in a ripple is still sitting on the chaise mocking me waiting for the ends to be dealt with! I knew it was now or never and just kept going until there were like 4 more and then I had the energy to finish it up!

I just may force myself to weave in the ends on the pink ripple tonight and maybe try and finish up those fingerless gloves so that I can start fresh with something new during Glee tomorrow night!

Oh if only I didn't have to finish putting my closets back together tonight!

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