Friday, November 19, 2010

Procrastination at it's Finest

There are many things I should be doing right now....important work things, but it's Friday at 11:20 a.m., I'm already hungry for lunch and am slowing loosing my motivation to get the work completed that needs to get done today...seems to me like the perfect opportunity to take a break and write some more about those darn spa cloths :-)

As you can see here I've made some more progress on my 3rd spa cloth (whose colors I am TOTALLY in love with by the way!) The last couple of nights after work haven't given me much time to work on these so I chose this morning before leaving for work. It's always at the worst moment that I crave time with some yarn, a hook, coffee and some good morning TV. Once again I chose procrastinating on getting ready for work over getting to work early.....and I came so close to getting this done! After yesterday's bomb threat in Logan Circle making me an hour late for work, I thought it best to set this down and pout as I walked away to go finish doing my hair and get dressed.

I'm still struggling with how long these are taking to come together. I've decided to blame it on a combination of the metal hook and the fact that cotton has no stretch to it. I'm used to working with yarn that works with me, not against what I'm trying to do. This isn't even my first project using this stitch so I won't blame that. Oh well, maybe I'll come across an acrylic G hook this weekend! Or maybe if I spent more time focused on what I was crocheting vs. also catching up on DCR'd TV I would go a bit faster.

May try to time myself tonight if I can before we head out to see Harry Potter (!!!). Tomorrow I need to focus on that sewing I mentioned the other day (that still hasn't been started), try on clothing options of our Engagement pictures <3>

Have a great CRAFTY weekend!

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