Monday, November 8, 2010

A Solid Weekend of Crocheting

I honestly believe that I spent about 95% of my weekend crocheting. Miss KaitiMae and I had a wonderful time together as well. We went out for a few meals with Jon and walked around downtown Silver Spring on Saturday afternoon, but most of our time was spent on my couch being crafty and watching movies....basically my idea of the PERFECT weekend! We even made Christmas cookies on Saturday night and had a Christmas movie marathon with Jon (White Christmas and Elf for those who are wondering). I crocheted all the way through White Christmas and we all sort of laid down during Elf which meant we all passed out and we watched it again on Sunday morning while crafting!

My goal was to finish up the lapghan (WIP it ripple in cream and pink that I posted about last week). I did this by around 2:30 yesterday...yipee!! It's probably around 36" long and I'm still in love with these colors. I'm actually going to make a 2nd blanket with them and a 4th color (lighter shade of pink). I'm thinking a hexagon baby blanket, but that'll depend on whether or not I can get the hexagon shape started!
There are no pictures of the finished lapghan yet because I haven't even started to weave in ends yet. Seriously, I hate weaving in ends........about 3/4 of the way through I announced to Kait how I couldn't understand why I keep picking these patterns and projects that leave me with so many ends to weave in! I will work on them this week and I refuse to photograph it's beauty until actually completed. Right now it's folded up and sitting prettily on the end of my chaise (where I sit and do my best crocheting) looking at me with big sad puppy eyes over not being completed. Ok, I know, the lapghan does NOT have eyes, that would be incredibly creepy, but you get my point.

Since I didn't want to weave in ends yesterday and I'm shy the lighter pink I want to use on the hexagon (AC Moore trip already planned for tonight after work) I decided to start on a new project. This time I went a bit smaller and got to work on my first pair of fingerless gloves. I really love the idea of these and found a great yarn for someone special this holiday season that I also believe with get great use out of a pair! I made one and it's extra purty :-) I started the 2nd and very quickly got frustrated when I noticed that the pattern doesn't look right. The entire time I was crocheting the first I was a bit panicked over having to replicate this a 2nd time to make a pair and have them look the same. It was around 6:40 last night at this point and I realized it was already dark out (the downside to gaining an hour of sleep Saturday night) and I had probably been crocheting for around 20 hours total since getting home from dinner on Friday night. I just couldn't bring myself to rip it out and start over/figure out what was wrong. I instead laid my head down to watch TV and pretty much passed out by 7 for the night.

I now need to get a small list together of things I need to pick up this evening for my next round of projects, but will first leave you with my final 2 thoughts of the day:

1. This yarn is rapidly becoming a new obsession of mine. I'm using it for the fingerless gloves and it's very soft and the colors are extra yummy. I plan to stock up on more colors soon (though I may wait until Thursday after work when I start getting 20% off my purchase for Veteran's Day sales at Michaels). Oh and by the way, to every store that wants to bring in business with Veteran's Day sales, please remember that not all of us work for the Fed Gov't, school systems or a bank and we don't get that holiday off! I know that if I were patient I could wait and do all craft story shopping on Thursday, but as you all should know by now I'm not a patient person and I don't want to wait! This means I'm punishing myself with 2 trips to VA this week...oh well at last it's a week where I get out of work early.
2. As I continue to work on Christmas presents and post things about them here, I'm going to leave it to every ones imagination who these projects are for. Some that are obvious I will most likely not post pictures of at all for fear that they actually do read this and it will ruin the surprise! and I do love a good surprise. Maybe a recap post after the holidays of ALL Christmas presents made this year is the way to go!

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